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Why p90x doesn’t work? Or Why Some believe it’s not worth it?

Why p90x doesn't work

P90x is known as a 90-day ripped body home workout program. It sounds appealing and definitive, but the situation is considerably different than what’s stated. Because it’s so simple, the goal isn’t specified, but the beginning point is. If you’ve got a lot of fat, achieving a six-pack isn’t your ultimate aim. We also reviewed in detail p90x workout, do check out that also.

Let’s break down the reasons why people believe that p90x does not work for them.

Why People Believe, “P90x does not Work!”

It’s hard and I’m not strong enough.

The first thing people don’t understand about professional weight loss workout programs is why it’s so difficult, and p90x is one of those programs.

People often compare themselves with other individuals who achieve good results without any problems. With the help of the internet, we can find dozens of before-after images showing incredible results. It’s true that the vast majority are possible, but not for everybody.

An eerily similar picture exists with products too, most companies have an advertisement claiming the product is 95% efficient or works great in 5 days or whatever offer/statement you can think of. However, it only really works for the 5% of users.

It’s hard and I’m not strong enough

Every product has a percent of people that can’t use it for different reasons, I don’t know why these individuals have problems but for them it doesn’t work. This is true even with medications or treatments made specifically for certain illnesses/conditions.

The truth is training and getting a good body takes a lot of effort and time, if you don’t know how to use the program correctly, you won’t see results.

I didn’t see any results in 90 days

The problem for this is not the program, it’s the user. If you want to lose a lot of weight or achieve a certain look in a short period of time, p90x won’t work for you. This is because when we compare different people from various countries with regular incomes and try to reach the level of their results, it seems impossible. The purpose is to show that the program takes a long time and you will see good results as soon as you started using it correctly.

I’m not losing as much as I did before

As we mentioned earlier, different people can’t achieve the same results. The main reason for this is because you’ve gotten used to working out and you need a new stimulus to keep losing weight. p90x does not work if you’re already accustomed to training and just want to maintain.

My muscles are weak and I can barely do the exercises

Another common mistake is that people don’t train with enough effort or concentrate on what they’re doing. If you don’t have motivation try having somebody keep you motivated if possible someone who has already done p90x.

I’m not losing weight even though I follow the program 100%

It’s possible you have a problem with your diet, although this is also common with people who have been doing other programs for a long time. For example, if you eat fast food every day and don’t do anything else, it will be difficult to lose weight.

I’m not losing weight

I don’t want to work out every day, what can I do?

You must understand that p90x is not the same as every other training program. 90 days of no results will be costly; you must keep pushing if you want to achieve something. It’s possible that in the beginning your muscles are weak and it’s normal for them to hurt.

I don’t feel motivated

Similarly, if you don’t have anybody who keeps you motivated, try headphones or walk with somebody. Also try buying p90x2 so you can see how motivating the next level can be. It is always better than having someone help you; in this way when you complete the program you’ll be able to help somebody else.

I can’t afford buying so many things

You don’t need as much as they sell with p90x, some people buy too much and end up not using half of it . All you need is a pull-up bar, some dumbbells, resistance bands and good motivation.

I’m not losing weight even though I work out every day

You have to remember that if you eat too many calories without burning them off, they’ll remain stored as fat. It’s very easy to gain weight if you eat just a little more than normal. Try calculating how much calories you need per day and try to stay within that range.

I can’t do some exercises/I’m not working out hard enough

Everybody has different conditions, some people are born with better genetics than others; this means some people will never see good results . In order to get rid of this problem, try concentrating during the workout and make sure you choose a weight that allows you to do it.

I can’t do some exercises

How do you get ripped with p90x?

To get ripped with p90x, you need to follow the program for 90 days. That means that every single day of the week, you’ll be doing your workouts. You just can’t miss one workout even if it’s raining outside or something else. Doing all the workouts can make you get ripped, but it depends on your diet. You’ll need to know what’s the best p90x nutrition plan if you’re serious about getting ripped fast.

Does p90x hold up?

Yes, p90x holds up in fact it’s one of the best workouts to get ripped. The thing about p90x is that it’s simple, scalable and most of all, the workouts are intensive. It only takes 30 minutes to do a workout which is awesome!!! There are no excuses because you’re not doing p90x right now!!! Read more in P90x Benefits.

Does p90x work for women?

Yes, p90x works for women as well. A lot of people think that you’ll bulk up and gain muscles if you’re a woman doing p90x, but that’s not true at all!!! Women can lose weight and get ripped doing this program as well. All they need is to follow the proper workout routines and nutrition plan. Read more into P90x Muscle Confusion Theory.

When will I start seeing results with p90x?

You’ll probably see the results within 7 days if you’re following an effective diet plan. If you can’t follow a proper diet plan while doing the exercises, then I would recommend you to buy a weight loss pill that will help you lose weight and burn off fat. But, you cant expect it to be true in every case, as it’s user-dependent, and many factors contribute to what to expect in 7 days. You should keep your head down and keep focusing on working hard.


The p90x program was designed to help you lose weight, build muscle and get ripped. It’s a 90-day workout program that combines intense exercise with a healthy diet for maximum results in minimal time. If you’re looking for something simpler or more affordable, we recommend finding an alternative fitness routine that better suits your needs. In the end, it all comes down to what works best for YOU! Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness 🙂