6-1- P90x Plyometric Workout Routine and Schedule

P90x Plyometric Workout Routine – List of Exercises – Pros and Cons

Plyometrics means “jump training” it is a rough workout type of P90x. you have to do forward movements, lateral movements, up and down movements as well as back and forth movements and burning calories. It is designed to bond strength with speed to produce power.

The term Plyo + metrics or measurable increases is derived from Latin. So, it can relate to any activity that increases strength and speed. It will make you able to run faster, jump higher and maneuver in multidirectional outdoor activities.

P90x Plyometrics workout can help if your activities involve track, field, mat, ring, pool, court, or mountain. Now you will see the complete p90x plyometrics cardio circuit list. 

1- P90x plyometric Workout - Speed and Training

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Equipment Needed 

Is it possible to do a P90X plyometrics workout with household items? yes of course. You have to struggle a little bit to get better results. It depends on what you want to get out of this p90x plyometrics workout.

Like if you want to lose some weight then you can simply use water bottles instead of dumbbells but if you want to bulk up a little then, you will not get around investing in some P90X resources. There is some inexpensive equipment, you can easily get online or from a local sports shop. They will get you in decent shape.

👉the full set of P90x DVDs


👉Pull up bars

👉Yoga mat

👉Resistance bands

👉Yoga blocks

👉Jump mat

👉Heart rate monitor

👉Pull up rack

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Plyometrics P90X Cardio Circuit Module

The P90X practice routine comprises 12 intense DVD workouts that should be done within 90 days. The trainee likewise gets a proper nutrition plan and fitness guidelines on the most proficient method to play out the changes accurately. A schedule and the following sheets are likewise given in the package. 

P90x nutrition and fitness plan can also help to keep you in the best shape.

As this training is intense that’s why divided into different portions. The DVDs keep you moving from one plyometrics p90x exercise to another, similar to circuit training. A portion of the DVDs focuses on strength. Others incorporate plyometrics p90x (hazardous “power” moves), kickboxing, cardio, p90x abs ripper X, and p90x yoga

2- Plyometric Workout - Classic Vs Lean Vs Double

It depends whether you follow the Classic, Lean, or Doubles plan, the activities will vary. Lean is more cardio-based, however, a bit less intense. The Doubles plan adds cardio and three or four additional plyometrics p90x exercises throughout seven days. You should be injury-free and ready for this training to get good results.

Women can also perform all these exercises, do checkout p90x for women for more details.

List of best plyometrics workouts

The p90x Plyometrics strength training program was around 58 minutes with a 9-minute warm-up and a cool down. The class is set up with the goal that you can do the best plyometrics workout in around 50 – 65 square feet of room. The plyometrics p90x exercise was organized so you completed two sets of a group of activities, with a water break in the middle.

Group One

Group One   
ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Jump Squat30 sec3Liked
Run-Stance Squat30 sec3Liked
Airborne Heisman30 sec3Liked
Swing Kick1 minute3Liked

Group Two 

Group Two   
ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Squat Reach Jump30 sec4Tolerated
Run-Stance Squat Switch Pick-Up30 sec3Liked
Double Airborne Heisman30 sec2Liked
Circle Run1 minute1Tolerated

Group Three

Group Three   
ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Jump Knee Tuck30 sec5Hated: As Tony Horton said “The mother of all moves”
Mary Katherine Lunges30 sec3Tolerated
Leapfrog Squats30 sec2Liked
Twist Combo1 minute1Liked

Group Four

Group Four   
ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Rock Star Hop30 sec5Hated
Gap Jump30 sec3Liked
Squat Jack30 sec3Tolerated
Military March1 minute1Liked

Group Five

Group Five   
ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Run Squat 180 Jump Switch30 sec4Disliked
Lateral Leapfrog Squat30 sec3Tolerated
Monster Truck Tires30 sec2Liked
Hot Foot30 sec3Disliked


ActivitiesTimeDifficulty level from 1 -5 (5 being the most)Enjoyment level
Pitch and Catch30 sec4Tolerated
Jump Shot30 sec3Liked
Football Hero30 sec2Liked

Plyometric Mechanics and Physiology

Mechanical Model of best plyometrics workouts

In this method of plyometric elastic energy expanded in the tendons and muscles with a fast stretch (just like in eccentric muscle activity) and afterward momentarily saved. If a concentric muscle activity follows quickly, the saved energy is freed, contributing to the total production of force.

3- P90x Plyometric Workout Benefits

As indicated by Hill the muscle act like a spring, that stretches, compresses, and then goes to its normal position, in this case, the spring is a part of tendons and muscles called “The Series Elastic Component”. The subsequent model is; 

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Neurophysiological Model

When a fast stretch is occurring in the muscles, a defensive, involuntary reaction happens to secure hurt and overstretching. This reaction is known as the stretch reflex. In other words, it is the involuntary reaction of the body to the external stimuli that expanse the muscles, letting them act more robustly.

The outcome is incredible and the potential for amazing concentric muscle activity. The effect of the stretch reflex is gone if there is any stay between dipping and jumping. It is felt that both the series elastic component and the stretch reflex increment the pace of power creation during p90x plyometrics works out.

Pros and cons of P90x plyometrics 


● It requires little to almost no equipment

● It makes your muscles more potent and flexible by allowing you to store more energy

● It enhances your athlete abilities more quickly

● It helps you to shift extra pounds (lose body weight)

● It increases your running endurance, jumps height, and speed.

Plyometric Workout Pros and Cons


● May cause bone injury and head fracture due to depth jumps and improper landing 

● The only healthy and powerful bodies can do this training

● You have to do repetitive jumping

P90X Plyometrics Safety Considerations

● Firstly, do a warm-up to make your muscles and joints ready for the cardio circuit

● The landing surface should have shock-absorbing properties 

● Avoid hardwood and concrete surfaces for landing

● You have to put additional protective bands for knees and ankles

There are many other benefits of p90x workout, you can find in the article p90x pros and cons/benefits.

Safety Precautions for P90x Plyometric Workout

Everything wrong with P90X plyometrics

● The p90x plyometrics workout is 45 minutes long

● There are too many reps

● Rest periods are too short

● The plyometrics cardio circuit isn’t plyometric


P90x plyometrics are the most significant training area alternative to traditional training like resistance training. The best part about plyometrics is that it makes you healthy and fit side by side. It’s another positivity is that it has a positive effect on nervous fitness, increases muscle strength and contraction speed. It will leave your muscles fatigued when you have done it properly. To get the best-required results you have to do some safety measures while doing p90x plyometrics.

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