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A Detailed Review of P90X Workout Program: Who Should Use It, does it Reduce Weight and Improve Flexibility?

7-1-1 P90x Workout Review - What is p90x and more

It’s a great program and I would recommend it to anyone but not for someone who is trying to lose weight.
I’ve been overweight my entire life and ever since High-school, I’ve wanted to do this workout. This year (2009) was the first time I actually got around to doing it. P90x is a program that will help you gain muscle and lose fat. I’m 36 years old, 5’11 tall, and weighing 186 pounds before I started out (at around 20% body-fat) and now I’m at 181 pounds (at around 14%) after about 60 days of working the program.
I hadn’t played any sports since high school so I was a bit out of shape at the start, believe it or not, I couldn’t do a single push-up when I started. There is a 90-day schedule you can follow but I wouldn’t try that unless you are pretty much into fitness and looking to bulk up or something along those lines.
From an equipment point of view, I do believe that resistance bands are a lot more effective than the “Power-Stands” Tony uses during the workout so I would recommend getting some bands to go along with it.


  • The p90x workouts are fun
  • Each workout lasts about 1 hour – saves you time from going to the gym
  • You can workout at home
  • You see AMAZING results in a short amount of time
  • You get in the best shape of your life
  • Toned body, reduced fat, and weight loss
  • He believed in p90x results that’s why he introduced this home workout regime to the World.


  • It’s a little expensive (compared to other workout programs)
  • It only comes with the DVDs, no real instructions
  • The nutrition plan doesn’t completely accommodate vegans (although there is a new vegan P90X diet plan that kinda works)

There is a lot of interest in the P90X workout program these days. The creator, Tony Horton, has created an exercise and nutrition plan that offers people a chance to transform their lives. 

Many people are interested in knowing if this program works or not. To answer this question, we will be examining some important aspects of P90x including who should use this program and does it work? Let’s jump to the p90x review. 

What is p90x?

The P90x workout program is a 90-day home fitness routine. The creator of this exercise and nutrition plan has designed it for people who are looking to change their lives, lose weight and get in shape. 

It is important to know that the P90x workout does not include any cardio activities like running or aerobic exercises; however, there are plenty of strength training moves that can help you burn calories. 

One thing we like to mention in the P90x review is that they require equipment that includes resistance bands and weights (dumbbells). In addition, some versions come with DVDs while others don’t but most feature online videos so no problem if you already have an internet connection!

1- P90x review

History of P90x Workout

The person behind the invention of the wonderful P90X workout system is Trainer Tony Horton. He along with a few other individuals launched the product in the market in the year 2003. 

Since then, it has helped loads of individuals in shedding those extra pounds. Presently, Beachbody in the market provides this workout system and you can buy it with ease.

Trainer Tony Horton who made this workout system possibly took help from other individuals as well. They were Carl Daikeler (CEO of Beachbody), Ned Farr, Carrie Wyatt, and Steve Edwards. All these professionals put their combined efforts to come up with one of the best fitness programs.

A plethora of workout series – P90x Review

Before coming up with the P90X workout system, Tony Horton developed a plethora of workout series. However, with this system, he tried to bring something different for fitness lovers. 

Here the stress is laid on cardiovascular exercises along with training people for building strength.

Prominent Feature behind P90x Program

One of the most important features we like to mention in the p90x review is the nutrition plan provided with it. This plan has been divided into three phases as a whole. During the first 30 days of the program, users have been asked to consume high amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. 

P90x Workout Review

After completion of the first phase, the second phase begins. Here the users are asked to consume more carbohydrates than before. The final phase is the one where a diet of an athlete is followed.

If you want to know whether the fitness program is suitable or not, it would be wise to take the fitness test provided with the program.

Who is Tony Horton?

In recent times, many people have started concentrating on fitness and health. And in this process, one must have heard about P90x. This induces curiosity of who would be Tony Horton. Tony

Tony Horton is also one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Los Angeles because he believes that everyone can be fit even if they are over 50 or overweight just by using his routine called P90x which includes diet modifications too. 

P90x Workout Tony Horton

Horton was quite a good-looking guy and it was easy to take his word when it comes to physical shape. But even back then he was a charismatic person and sports had much to do with it. 

People started to trust him and that has opened the door for Horton to move on with his career and make something really good.

Start of Beachboy – P90x Review

P90X is certainly one of the best-known Horton’s works. The company that sells P90X is Beachboy, founded in 1998. The founders asked Horton to help them. He agreed on their conditions and their joint work has begun. 

Before P90X there was the Power 90 program. It was similar to P90X in many ways. It was made for home exercising and the exercises were similar to those of P90X. 

The difference is in intensity. P90X is more like high-intensity interval training. The name itself means Power 90 Extreme. 

There is also a diet plan designed to help you achieve the best possible p90x results. You can learn a lot by listening to what Horton has to tell you about exercise, a healthy diet, and health in general. Tony Horton himself is living proof that his programs work. The guy still looks gorgeous!

Who should use P90x?

P90x home workout program is recommended for people who want to lose weight and get in shape.

Adjustable According to Person Needs

The exercises that are included in this package can be used by every type of person. It just depends on your personal preferences and what you can do best according to your physical condition at the moment, whether it’s cardio or strength training p90x workouts. 

Consult Physician in case of Health Problems

It should also be mentioned that P90x is not a low-impact exercise routine so if you have any health problems like heart disease, diabetes, etc., then consult with your physician before starting the p90x process!

No Age Limit – P90x Review

There is no specific age limit when using the P90X routines because they will suit everyone as long as he/she has adequate intensity and willpower. 

Tony Horton himself mentioned in his p90x review that he completed this workout at the age of 50.

P90x - No Age Limit

Older People Can Retain Their Charm with P90x Workout Regime

P90X is perfect for older people because of the high-intensity interval training and high-level exercises. It will help them to stay fit, feel good about themselves and look gorgeous! 

Perfect for People who want to gain muscles – P90x Review

Furthermore, if you are over 40 and have been exercising regularly but still can’t get rid of the pesky fat on your tummy or other parts then p90x workouts are just what you need! 

All it takes is a little more time commitment than usual which pays off in no time with some new muscles under those problem areas.

Who should not do P90x – P90x Review

P90x workout program is designed for people who want to lose weight or get in shape. 

However, there are some cases when you should not be part of this fitness journey: if you have any health problems like heart disease, diabetes, etc., then consult with your physician before starting the p90x process! 

There is no specific age limit when using the P90X routines because they will suit everyone as long as he/she has adequate intensity and willpower.

If you are over 40 and have been exercising regularly but still can’t get rid of pesky fat on your tummy or other parts then p90x workouts are just what you need! 

All it takes is a little more time commitment than usual which pays off in no time with some new muscles under those problem areas.

P90X Workout Routine

P90X workout routine includes several different types of exercises. You will also get some good advice on what to eat and what to avoid. The program with a concept of muscle confusion is designed for twelve weeks of exercise. 

Each week, you exercise for six days. Then, you will repeat this, so it will last for 90 days. This is how the P90X workout routine looks like: p90x Arms and Shoulders, legs and Back, p90x Plyometrics, Kenpo, p90x Core Synergetic, p90x Yoga, Shoulders, p90x Abs, X Stretch, Cardio X, and Triceps. 

You also get a nutrition plan. You will find some useful tips on what to eat. You will also get some interesting recipes. The nutrition plan is a regular part of the P90X workout routine. 

P90X does work as it is not that expensive. If you wanted to get a personal trainer, it would cost you much more. With P90X, you can exercise whenever you like, in your home, and you will never get bored. Each exercise is well explained, and you can play it repeatedly until you manage to do the exercise properly.

What’s Included in P90X Workout?

P90x Schedule – P90x Review

Ever see those guys/girls in the gym that seem to be there all day long? 

Yeah, they probably don’t use a workout schedule. They go to the gym with no goals and expect to see instant results. It’s better to have a plan than to not. At least that’s what I always say! 

One of the most obvious ways you’ll benefit from a workout schedule is that you’ll save time in the gym. These types of workout sheets are great for people looking to cut gym times but see fast p90x results.

A workout sheet or plan will also allow you to see the last workout you performed (what machines you used, how much weight you lifted, and how many reps you performed). 

Review of P90x Workout Schedule

The only way to grow or transform your body is if you’re constantly adding weight or changing up your workout routine. If you go to the weight room or attempt to do some type of cardio without a plan, you’ll fail every time.

A P90X workout schedule can be found on eleven DVDs. There is also an additional one (Ab Ripper X), specially made for abs exercising. If you like this exercising program, you will probably want to have all twelve. So let us see how you can get desired p90x results with the following schedule. 

– DVD 1 is for back and chest exercising

– DVD 2 is about plyometrics

– DVD 3 is for arms and shoulders exercising

– DVD 4 is for those who like Yoga workouts

– DVD 5 is for back and leg exercising

– DVD 6 is will show you, Kenpo X

– DVD 7 will teach you how to stretch properly

– DVD 8 is about core synergistic

– DVD 9 is for triceps, chest, and shoulders exercising

– DVD 10 will show you exercise for biceps and back

– DVD 11 has a cardio X program

– DVD 12 is an additional DVD with exercise for abs – Ab Ripper X

There is another DVD included in the P90X exercising program and it is called “How to Bring It”. This is a P90X general overview with useful instructions and more information about the P90X program. 

The instructions are there to help you in using those eleven/twelve DVDs and to tell you more about correct exercise combining.

In the P90x review, we kept it short and minimal but you can always check the P90x calendar to read more on p90x muscle confusion and p90x lean schedule etc. 

P90x Fitness Guide – P90x Review

While talking about the p90x review, there is an important aspect that we like to discuss in detail and this p90x fitness guide. 

Along with the workout schedule that you will be using throughout the workout program, the package will also include a fitness guide. It is very helpful to have it because you will be able to learn some ways of flexibility and how to exercise properly.

So p90x does work, if you like the p90x review, want to read more about the p90x fitness guide. You can check out the p90x nutrition plan for more details. 

P90x Nutrition Guide – P90x Review

There are also nutrition guides that come with a package, which helps you in following the healthy diet plan. It’s not just about eating right but there is a lot more on this subject than we think so keep reading! Diet plays an important role in your fitness routine.

Nutrition Guide for P90x Workout Review

Make sure that you follow everything mentioned here or else, no matter what type of p90x workouts you do, they won’t work as expected!

You can read more in detail about the nutrition guide in p90x nutrition and fitness guide, we kept it short in the p90x review. 

P90x Benefits – P90x Review

If you are looking for a fitness program that is complete, systematic, organized, and progressive then the p90x workout regime may be perfect for you. 

The benefits of this program include flexibility in your schedule because it is structured with slight changes to exercises to meet your fitness level. There are many different types of exercises available which makes the p90x workout exciting and enjoyable.

With P90x workout, endurance limit increases along with improved control on heart rate and cardiovascular system. There are many other benefits of p90x workout, you can find in the article p90x pros and cons/benefits.

We also mentioned some questions that may come up in your mind while reading the p90x review in this article below. 

 P90x before and After Results

P90X Results – Before and After

Normally, while selecting a workout regime, seeing p90x results before training is important to set up your workout goals. P90x workout is adopted by millions of people and that is why positive p90x reviews and workout goals are already set and pre-defined by many people on the internet. 

Some P90x before and after results are also available on the internet. I know it sounds a little too good to be true but these p90x reviews are from people who have tried p90x workout programs. 

P90x Workout Before and After Results

Just for your information, Tony Horton himself has not been satisfied with his weight until he created this program! He said that the P90x workout is systematic, progressive, and challenging in its way so you will always feel the urge to get the most out of it. 

Check out P90x Before and After Pictures of People who have been part of this amazing transformation journey. 

Equipment Required for P90x – P90x Review

If you love to exercise like push up, pull up, or chin up at least 30 minutes a day or to work up a sweat, you are halfway there. 

Not many products on the market today perform such a great workout as P90X does, even with P90X, you will need to exert a lot of physical force on your cardio workouts to have P90X work for you as it should. 

You require a yoga mat with sufficient length to perform home p90x workouts in the comfort of your home which I consider is most of the important features of this home workout system. 

Ignore all of the complicated workout stuff you see on TV – all you need is some running shoes to go for a mile-long run in the morning and then P90X to get the best results for your body.

Along with sheer determination, we recommend you consider additional equipment to see desired p90x results as present on the internet. You might first require resistance bands or a pull-up bar. A pull-up bar can be fixed in one place, while the resistance bands are flexible. 

With these bands, you can do the same type of exercise that you do with a pull-up bar at any part of the house, even while watching TV in the living room. 

P90x Results by equipments

Overall, the resistance bands are a smart purchase. Secondly, you might require dumbbells or hand weights. They are inexpensive and can be purchased even from the regular fitness store.

If looking to start p90x home workout series or only interested in workout part, do checkout list of p90x equipment like p90x dumbbells  for better result

FAQ – P90x Review

Is P90X better than the gym?

The P90X workout is great for those who have trouble time at the gym or just don’t like it. Within Gym, there is a lot of commitment involve like daily commute, warm up, and time management. But, a p90x workout will help save your time by getting you the same p90x results at home with minimal exercise equipment.

You can see p90x before and after results all over the internet for motivation and support. 

Is P90X outdated?

P90X is not an outdated fitness regime. It was created in 2006 and still has millions of followers even today. 

There are a lot of people who have tried the p90x workout program over the years and they all agree that this one work! People also shared their p90x before and after pics for proof and motivation. 

Will P90X get you in shape?

P90x workout regime is a proven and tested fitness routine reviewed by millions of people. It’s very difficult to find someone who has not tried P90x and is unsatisfied with the results. 

The P90X workout program will make you sweat, intensely challenge your muscle groups but most importantly it will help you get the desired shaped body that everyone wants!

You can see p90x before and after results all over the internet for motivation and support. 

Do you lose weight with P90X?

P90x workout program is designed to lose weight and improve strength. It can also help you maintain your current weight with some minor changes in diet habits. 

However, P90X does not have any magic ingredients that will make you shed pounds overnight or reduce calories without exercise because it’s a complete lifestyle change that includes healthy food options, regular exercise, and mental toughness.

Does P90X workout really work?

This is the question many have asked me before they have even started any of the P90X workouts. The answer to this question is yes, but only if you are ready to work hard and follow all of Tony Horton’s advice carefully. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to pay attention to your diet while doing the P90X workout.

Can beginners do P90X?

If you are a beginner, I will answer it by asking another question. Can you go from couch potato to marathon runner in three months? The main thing you need to know about doing P90X for the first time is that it takes dedication and commitment. If you are not ready for this then this program just might not be your cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are a beginner and ready to give it your all then this is for you too. You will just need to be patient with yourself and take the time to learn what Tony Horton calls “muscle confusion.” This basically means that your muscles need constant stimulus in order to keep growing and getting stronger.

This is why you will workout different muscle groups, or Tony’s “focus on some muscle confusion,” throughout the entire 90 days. This helps ensure that your muscles are always working in some new way and are always stimulated.

P90x is also good for women, for more details, do check out our article on p90x for women.

Final Remarks – P90x Review

So, is P90x a good workout regime? Yes. You can turn yourself into a healthy and fit with a p90x workout if you want to make your life better in every way. 

P90x does work so don’t hesitate to try it! It may be the best decision of your life. Just don’t forget that this fitness program needs commitment for results and there are many things you need to take care of while following the P90X routine.

You can see p90x before and after results all over the internet for motivation and support.