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Insanity Workout Review – Most Intense workout program

What is Insanity Workout?

Insanity is a plyometric, “MAX” Interval “boot camp” style training program produced by the fitness DVD program company “Beach body”: the same company that created Tony Horton’s famous P90X program. The P90X fitness program has sold over 3 million copies since its creation in 2003.

After the P90X program’s amazing success, Beachbody received a great demand from its customers for a more intense and fast paced workout. People wanted to see better results; and faster.

The company decided to fulfil this demand, so they reached out to Shaun T, creator of another of their popular workouts, “Hip Hop Abs”. Shaun T then designed the insanity workout to meet the demand of a fast paced, high intensity, fast result training program for Beachbody.

What Insanity workout package includes?

The insanity workout consists of 10 different fast paced “MAX Interval” training sessions. The Max Interval session is a structure designed by Shaun that is essentially a traditional workout structure flipped upside down.

A traditional workout is mostly slow deliberate movements, such as biceps curls or squats, followed by short bursts of high intensity training. This was the structure used in P90X.

Insanity is just the opposite, being almost pure high intensity followed by short breaks to cool down. This emphasizes explosiveness, agility, and cardiovascular strength over girth and muscularity.

The insanity workout sessions are comprised mostly of plyometrics: different kinds of legwork and jumping. It’s all about getting your heart rate up as quickly as possible, and developing nimble and agile people.

This is to help one lose weight and tone up, as well as increase one’s daily energy. Despite this goal, the workouts also contain some degree of upper body training in order to give the exerciser a well rounded and well developed physique. The workout develops the arms, back, abs, and legs.

The Package includes:

  • Nutrition Guide: To explain what to eat and how to eat for optimal recovery and growth.
  • Fitness Guide: To explain each exercise in detail for reference if one is ever confused.
  • Calendar: To display the workout for each day, so one always knows which DVD to put in.
 Insanity workout review - Insanity CD include in it is nutrition guide, Workout tips, and all benefits of Insanity

It also contains the 10 DVD’s, which include:

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test: An overview of the program as well as the initial fit test. (30 minutes)
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit: A workout designed to quicken the heart rate and expend carbs.(40 minutes)
  • Cardio Power & Resistance: A cardio program that incorporates upper body exercises (40 minutes)
  • Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: The once-a-week recovery workout to ensure proper body development. (80 minutes)
  • Pure Cardio & Abs: A fast-paced plyometric and ab workout. (40 minutes)
  • Cardio Abs: Another fast-paced plyometric and ab workout with more ab emphasis (20 minutes)
  • Core Cardio & Balance: A recovery workout that helps you transition between the two months (40 minutes)
  • Max Interval Circuit: an intense “MAX interval” workout (60 minutes)
  • Max Interval Plyo: A plyometric workout with a “MAX interval” Structure (55 minutes)
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: Another “MAX Interval” workout focused on cardio and abs. (50 minutes)

These workouts all work together synergistically to give you the most benefits. To develop the body you want, the nutrition, workouts, and recovery are all integral parts of the process that must be accounted for.

The program does the work for you in that department, providing you with all the information you need to not only get started but to continue all the way through, guiding you every step of the way.

Insanity has been known to deliver amazing results in a short amount of time. The P90X program promised to deliver a fully developed body in 90 days, but the insanity Program delivers a ripped body in only 60 days.

Breakdown of Insanity workout Guide

The insanity workout guide is split into 10 workouts…here I’m going to summarise what’s in each workout…of course for more in-depth info, check out my insanity workout review at the top of this page.

1: Dig Deeper & Fit Test

In this workout Shaun T will push your body to the limit and see if you can actually stick with it…to see how fit you are to begin with…I struggled in the beginning, but so quickly after my fitness went up…as shown in my Insanity Workout Review

2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Shed fat with short bursts of high intensity, lower-body plyometric and sweat-inducing cardio. (42 minutes)

3: Cardio Power & Resistance

Pack on lean muscle and amazing all round body definition and leanness with strength-training and power exercises…feels great to put on muscle, as I’ll show you in my insanity workout review (40 minutes)

4: Cardio Recovery

A gentler workout where Shaun T goes over some slow, concentrated core workouts that are designed to let your body heal, from the intense pounding it has gone through. (33 minutes)

5: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Forget about  the intervals—these 1 minute nonstop cardio workouts will get your heart pumping, and your sweat dripping…this is hardcore! (55 mins)

6: Core Cardio & Balance

Take a break after month 1, with these slower, concentrated workouts that will allow your muscles to heal…and prepare them for the onslaught of month 2…which is super intense, as described in my insanity workout review (37 mins)

7: Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test

This interval circuit training is way more intense that the first week…and will push your body above and beyond your comfort level…this is going to be the hardest workout you ever do…as I discovered in my insanity workout review(86 mins)

8: Max Interval Plyo

Tone and strengthen your legs like never before, with this mixture of power and plyometric exercises. (55 mins)

9: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs

Get pushed way above your limit, with the most intense cardio routine ever devised (65 minutes)

10: Max Recovery

The ulitmate recovery workout designed to give your muscles a rest, and at the same time building strength…so you can continue with the program..which, in my insanity workout review suggests you do(47 minutes)

Pros of Insanity Workout?

Why should you choose Insanity, over the other products?

  • Quick Results: P90X will give you results in 90 days. The insanity workout will give you results in just 60.
  • Confidence: Shaun T received a BS in Sport Science, and makes a brilliant and motivational coach. His high energy and constant insight will keep you moving with confidence.
  • Inspirational and Revolutionary: The program itself is structured in a way that you are guaranteed to get results if you follow it correctly. The groundbreaking “MAX interval training” structure guarantees fast results.
  • No Gym Membership: Work out from the comfort of your own home! Save money on those Gym fees.
  • Lose Weight: Lose weight fast and gain amazing cardiovascular endurance in just 60 days.
  • Get Ripped: Insanity will take your physical body to the next level, carving out your abs and toning out everything else.

 Pros of insanity workout

Workout review Month 1

Month one of my insanity workout review was basically the calm before the storm…I had gotten used to the workouts, and even though they were hard, I was coping, partly because I stuck to the diet plan, which is so important…And partly because the workouts were limited to about 40 mins, which is ideal.

You only use the first 5 dvd training modules:

  1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test
  2. Cardio Power & Resistance
  3. Cardio Recovery
  4. Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
  5. Core Cardio & Balance

You may find that you take longer to rest and recover than the 30 secs they suggest between each exercise (unlike the people on the dvd’s – I swear they are like machines!) maybe a minute or so…but that’s ok…You need to recover before you start back up again, other wise you will burn out…remember form over speed all the time.

Workout review Month 2

I’m not going to lie to you, month 2 in my insanity workout review is the hardest I have ever worked out! It is torture at times, eventhough I felt quite fit at the end of month 1…

Month 2 uses the following dvd’s:

  1. Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test
  2. Max Interval Plyo
  3. Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
  4. Max Recovery

Order Insanity From The Official Maker (Team Beachbody) Insanity Workout ReviewI suggest you only do as much as you can since most of the exercises now last an hour! and make sure you have a sports drink handy to properly

hydrate your body, rather than water…it definitely makes a difference. You will feel sore and may have to rest a couple of days, but in the end, all that hard work will definitely pay off for you.

Diet during Workout

You get a booklet with the insanity work out of highly nutritious recipes, that are designed to give you energy all through the day,and for your workouts…

This is just as important as the exercises in order to get the body you want…you must stick to the meal plans religiously in order to get the max benefit from the insanity work out, which I don’t think will be a problem for you, as the meals are so easy and quick to put together…and so tasty!

Some of my favourite recipes are:

  • Insanity Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich
  • Berry Protein Smoothie
  • Chicken Wrap
  • Salmon Bagel Lox

and so many more that I could list in this insanity workout review…

Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion, the insanity workout guide is definitely one of the best, if not the best workout program I have ever used…and my insanity workout review will share with you my personal beliefs about the system… It really does work, as the hundreds of photo and written testimonials prove…you really need to check it out for yourself (and make sure to read my insanity workout review) and if you are still skeptical then…

You have a full 30 days to try INSANITY for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply tell customer service you’re not happy, and within 30 days for a FULL refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…check out my insanity workout review now! and prepare to dig deeper!