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What p90x equipments do you need? – Guide to getting your own home gym

List of P90x Equipment

If you are looking to start your p90x workout, then it’s important that you have the right p90x supplies. The following is a list of items needed for p90x and why.

This includes adjustable p90x dumbbells, a heart rate monitor, a yoga mat, a pull-up bar, and more.

The list below is a complete set of items needed for a p90x workout as p90x is considered the best home workout program by many people around the world.

If you want to learn more about these items or how to purchase them online then continue reading this post. You’ll find out everything you need from where to buy them to which ones are good for beginners like yourself!

What is P90x Workout Program?

P90x is a home fitness program that was created by Tony Horton. The p90x workout system uses 12 DVDs and includes three levels of difficulty (begins with beginner and goes up to the hardest level).

The workouts are designed in such a way that you have to switch between the various DVDs so that your body doesn’t get used to anyone exercise type or training style.

It is among the top-selling fitness programs on the market today because it provides everything you need for a full-body workout at home!

For complete information on P90x, check out our p90x workout review.

Is P90X good for beginners?

When you first start P90x, it’s recommended that while you follow the workouts on the DVDs (as they are designed), don’t spend too much time in your comfort zone.

How can I tell if p90x is good for beginners? Well, if you’ve never worked out before or not in a very long time, then switching to an exercise program such as p90x where there is little rest between exercises can be difficult at first until your body gets used to it (which might take about 2 weeks).

p90x equipment for beginners

However, after a few days of doing p90x workouts, you’ll definitely feel stronger and more energetic.

Although this exercise program was created for people who have already workout before, it will still benefit any level of fitness. You’ll most likely not see the same results as a person who had already worked out on a regular basis, but it’s still good for all levels of fitness freaks.

For complete fitness guide, do checkout p90x nutrition and fitness guide.

what equipment’s do I need for p90x?

Starting a p90x journey, then you definitely require some p90x equipment. We have compiled a list of p90x supplies that are essential to start your fitness journey.

Items needed for p90x includes;

  1. Adjustable Dumbbell Set
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Chin up bar
  4. Push up stands
  5. Yoga Blocks
  6. Hand Grip Pillow
  7. Wrist Weights
  8. Heart Rate Monitor
  9. Yoga Mat
  10. Pillow or Towel for Ab Ripper X Workout (Optional)

* Each item will be briefly explained, and the best places to buy from.

* Interviews with people who have tried p90x training and successfully used these tools have shown that this is a good set of p90x equipment ideas for starting your own workout routine.

Adjustable Dumbbell Set for P90x System

adjustable dumbbell - p90x tool for home workout

One of the most used p90x equipment is adjustable dumbbell set. It’s designed for each person to select the weight that they need, and it also saves a lot of space.

If you have a limited amount of space in your home gym then I highly recommend getting these adjustable dumbbells. They are great for beginners because you can start with really light weights and gradually work your way up over time.

The even better news is that they don’t cost much at all! If you want to learn more about this p90x equipment or how to purchase them online then continue reading this post. You’ll find out everything you need from where to buy them to which ones are good for beginners like yourself!

For more details on dumbbells, do follow our article on p90x dumbbells.

Alternative to Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are thinking of starting a home workout, and already have free weights lying around the house, then you can always start training with those. Switching to adjustable dumbbells isn’t necessary because you can always add more weights on individual dumbbells that you have. This will help beginners since they can gradually increase their weight, and it’s also good for advanced users who want a lighter weight than the ones they are already using.

The only drawback of this method is that it takes up a lot of space (in addition to time), and is less convenient if you travel frequently or move from one place to another.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells in Market

Check out Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells for a p90x workout. You can also check the detailed articles on Best Adjustable Dumbbells for p90x workout for detailed review and few more products to consider.

ProForm 50 lb. Dumbbell Pair
ProForm 50 lb. Dumbbell Pair

These adjustable p90x weights are really affordable and people love that they come in pairs so you get both dumbbells for the price of one.

Bowflex ST 552 Dumbbell weights
Bowflex ST 552 Dumbbell weights

These adjustable dumbbells are really affordable and will help you reach your goal faster than using free p90x weights.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells
Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes! These adjustable dumbbells are perfect for p90x workouts because they have a range of weights so you can work out at different levels. 

Resistance Bands for P90x Workout

resistance bands - p90x accessories for better workout

Resistance bands are highly used in the p90x workout program, particularly in the X Back Attack workout where resistance bands are used to strengthen your back muscles by completing various exercises along with a proper p90x diet.

 If you are already working out, then you definitely might have your own set of resistance bands. If not, then it’s highly recommended that you purchase a resistance band set to help your body with numerous workouts that require them.

These tools might seem complicated at first since there are different sizes and weights of bands, however p90x bodybuilding has provided a detailed guideline on how to use them effectively.

For more details, do check out our article on p90x resistance bands.

Best Resistance Bands

Check out Top 3 Resistance Bands for a p90x workout. You can also check the detailed articles on Best Resistance Bands for p90x workout for detailed review and few more products to consider.

TRIBE Resistance Bands Set and Weights
TRIBE Resistance Bands Set and Weights

Tribe resistance bands are the first ones that comes to mind when one is looking for the toughest workout p90x strength bands. 

Raydem Resistance Bands Set
Raydem Resistance Bands Set

Rayden Resistance bands set is made of 100% organic material – Latex which provides the great stretching purpose and one has not to worry about any breakage of the band. 

SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands
SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands

PRI Xertube is the most durable and reliable tubes. Xertube Bands provide greater resistance to abrasion and give more professional workouts. 

Alternative to Resistance Bands in Home

It requires some innovation and looking for an out-of-box solution when it comes to home fitness. We highly recommend that you buy resistance bands if you are taking P90x seriously. However, if you are looking for short term solution or alternative to resistance bands then you can use items like rubber tubing, belt, or even heavy clothing.

Some p90x experts recommend starting doing X Back Atack workout without resistance bands to get your body used to the routine and increasing weight gradually as you become stronger and more durable.

Power bands Comparison to Resistance Bands

If you have been using the p90x workout system then you must be familiar with p90x resistance bands which are generally used in most exercises to provide extra resistance to your body.

P90X bands are great, but if you want something that is more adjustable than what is offered by Beachbody (4 levels of resistance: green = light blue = medium purple = heavy) Power Bands may be a better choice.

Unlike these p90x bands which only come in 3 colors (green/light blue/heavy) with different levels of resistance, power bands come in 4 different colors – Green = light, Blue = moderate, Red = Heavy, and Black = Extra Heavy.

Chin up bar for P90x System

chin up bar - must have list of p90x equipment

Another must-have p90x equipment is a chin-up bar. I personally love this piece of p90x supplies and it helps me with many exercises that require bars for doing pull-ups, dips and can also serve as a doorway pull-up bar.

It’s best to install these in doorways or behind doors. You don’t want people walking in on you while working out! – Pull-ups done on a regular basis are essential for your back muscles, so make sure you get yourself an actual chin-up/pull-up style exercise bar.

For more details on back muscle exercise, check out our article on p90x legs and back workout.

The type of bar depends on where you buy it from as manufacturers do produce different varieties of pull-up bars. A doorway bar is basically a straight, rigid bar that can be attached to the doorframe or any other similar structure such as rafters in your ceiling.

Doorway pull-up bars are popular because they can be installed anywhere and out of sight. However, if you have carpeting on the floor where you plan on installing it then you should install a non-slip bar mat aside from purchasing the actual chin-up/pull-up style exercise bar.

To get the best results, use a pull-up bar that has a safety strap. You can initiate your p90x workout program in this device as it is easy to install and provides complete support while you do the exercise so that your bodyweight gets evenly distributed on all sides. While doing dips make sure that you have a soft cushion underneath your chest for comfort reasons.

Push up stands for P90X Workout

p90x accessories for home workout including pushup stands

Push-up stands are used to support your arms while doing push-ups. Although you can do them directly on the floor, having an elevated position helps in strengthening pectoral muscles and triceps better.

For more details on arms and shoulder exercises, do check out our article on p90x arms and shoulder workout.

Push-up stands if you are starting out will make it easier for you since improper positioning could cause back pain or other injuries. They have also been suggested as a good solution for lower back pains during the initial stages of the p90x workout program because they help with proper alignment of the spine during pushups.

There is no doubt that push-up stands are another must-have p90x equipment when it comes to items needed for p90x, and they provide additional benefits over free-handing them: improved upper body strength, improved shoulder mobility, and reduced risk of injury.

Alternative to Push up stands at home

Having a program of p90x at home, aims to reduce the heartbeats and also accelerate it and that is why p90x accessories are essential, however, if your pocket is not letting you make this buying decision, then you can check out home alternative to push upstands.

One of the most popular and cost-effective options is woodwork. You can make these stands yourself following instructions from the p90x workout program guide or you can buy them pre-made from manufacturers called Pushup Handles.

Yoga Blocks for P90x Workout

list of p90x tools for home workout including yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are also must-have p90x equipment for p90x workouts at home. Since you will be doing plenty of stretching in yoga and exercising practices, such as Sun Salutations, Downward Dog, or Warrior 3 poses.

As your body becomes more flexible, these poses become much easier to do by placing the block beneath your foot or knee if you cannot reach it properly. The purpose is to help your muscles adjust instead of straining them while you are holding them a little longer than usual – Now that’s where yoga rocks! It helps you tone and sculpts your body without having to struggle with weight machines or free weights.

When it comes to a complete package of p90x tools and p90x accessories then yoga blocks are another name that you should add to your items needed for p90x.

For complete yoga details, do check out our article on p90x yoga.

Hand Grip Pillow for P90X Program

list of p90x equipment - hand grip pillow

If you want to get fitter hands, a p90x hand grip pillow is another must-have accessory for the p90x equipment list as it helps in wrist and finger exercises that aim at improving the strength of your grip muscles.

The main purpose of these tools is that they improve blood circulation within the fingers, hands, and wrists by applying pressure onto them with balled-up fists or squeezing soft pillows made especially for training grips and finger strength. While using these p90x accessories pay close attention to the following p90x tips:

– Use hand grip pillows or a weighted bar in sets of three to five reps comprising holding each repetition for a count of ten seconds. If you have access to a gym then I would suggest that you opt for wrist and finger trainers because they are more versatile compared with yoga blocks and push-up stands.

Wrist Weights for P90X Exercises

list of p90x equipments - also include wrist weights

The next item on our “items needed for p90x” is wrist weights and they work differently from handgrip pillows. They provide extra resistance to the arms during exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, etc. The idea behind using these p90x accessories is that they add weight to the body so that muscles get stronger over time. These wrist weights are basically designed to be held in the hand while doing various exercises and will act as resistance.

You can wear them around your arms or on your wrists if you find them more comfortable. Pay attention to p90x workout tips that tell you not to add so much weight that makes the exercise too difficult for you. Additionally, ensure that they have removable straps because they could get in the way during certain exercises like pull-ups, etc.

Heart Rate Monitor for P90X Workout

p90x essential gear - heart rate monitor is must have

While you are working out at home, your heart rate is not monitored by a personal trainer or an instructor in the gym. It is important that you can monitor your own heart rate so that any problems could be recognized and handled early.

If you are following the p90x workout program to gain weight then make sure to keep a check on your pulse as it will tell whether you have overdone it today or if you still do need more time for exercise, until reached the fat-burning stage. P90x lean schedule also helps in weight loss.

This miniature electronic device does nothing but monitors one’s heart rate through its chest strap or wristwatch version while exercising at home. There is a wide range of monitors available today with each having unique features including advanced capabilities.

Some of the p90x workout tips are that you should opt for a heart rate monitor with at least a memory feature to measure your pulse when not exercising. This way, it could store valuable data like average resting and maximum recorded rates in order to give you enough information on how often you have achieved the fat-burning stage.

Yoga Mat for P90X Workout

p90x workout equipment - yoga mat

A P90X yoga mat is one such tool that you should consider adding to your p90x equipment. It can be made from several materials; however, I would suggest that you go for rubber mats because they are more useful than other material alternatives. The main advantage of using these mats is that they provide more comfort and stability as compared with other options in the market.

These are specially designed for doing exercises on your knees, which means that there will not be any risk of getting hurt by falling down when exercising at home. This type of p90x equipment comes with non-skid bottoms to ensure a secure workout session from beginning to end. However, if you find it difficult then here is an alternative to it.

Before starting your p90x workout make sure that you have a carpeted area, rather than the hard floor surface, for doing exercises such as push-up or sit-ups. This is because these two types of exercises require a greater level of stability and comfort, while at the same time providing support to your back and elbows in order to prevent injuries. 

Towel for Ab Ripper X Workout

list of p90x workout equipments - towel for workout

This is another item that you should add to your p90x equipment. You do not have to buy a yoga towel as it could be used for any purpose. The main advantage of using such towels is that they absorb the sweat from your body and keep it away from your hands or face while working out at home.

These towels can easily mop up most of the moisture on your skin and they will even absorb some of the moisture in the air, which prevents you from catching a cold during a workout session. I would suggest that you use both sides of this towel because doing so will increase its life span by more than four times compared with reusing just one side only.

For more details do check out our article on p90x ab ripper x.

Frequently Asked Questions

what you need for p90x?

P90x is such a versatile program that can be done with just household items. The main reason behind using these p90x supplies during the p90x workout is to enhance your fitness while at the same time increasing the results as compared to doing exercises without any p90x equipment.

Some of this p90x equipment work like weights and they provide resistance to your body so that you can do more repetitions or work out harder than before. So, it is better if you opt for a complete set of such p90x supplies rather than adding one item at a time because doing so would not only increase the price of buying them but also cause confusion when trying to decide which one will best suit your needs.

An example of regular home exercise tools is dumbbells. These can be used for weights for chest, shoulder, and arm exercises, hand grips that increase the effectiveness of push-ups by increasing the resistance in your hands resulting in an explosive workout.

I would suggest that you actually try them out before adding them to your p90x equipment. You will definitely notice a difference if you were doing exercises without these p90x accessories because they are indeed extremely useful when trying to lose weight or build muscles at home.

For more details on muscle exercise, do follow p90x muscle confusion.

Will The Minimum p90x Equipment Limit What Exercises You Can Do?

Most p90x equipment is designed to help you perform a variety of exercises that require more than just an exercise mat and a workout video. Just like dumbbells, resistance bands can also be used for a variety of exercises such as pull-ups and muscle-ups by increasing your level of resistance as compared with the weight of your body alone.

P90x plyometric can also help you to power your muscles.

Because of their versatility, this p90x equipment can definitely help you do more than thirty exercises without even leaving out any vital part of your body. This is why I would suggest that you buy all the necessary p90x accessories at once so that they are easier to use during each p90x exercise session.

How Much Space Will You Need?

Making space available for doing a p90x workout is another important factor to consider while getting the p90x equipment. You do not need a lot of free space but having 4 by 5 feet of open area is more than enough for performing a multitude of exercises using different types of p90x accessories. 

Will The Minimum p90x Equipment Limit What Exercises You Can Do_

A lot of p90x accessories can easily be stored in a small box and they include resistance bands, weights, aerobic steps, and a pull-up bar. In fact, using the p90x equipment can increase the effectiveness of your workout program because it will reduce the amount of space required for doing p90x exercises.  

P90X Equipment Versus Home Workout Tools

Since some people think that there are no good benefits to use P90X equipment during their home workout sessions I have highlighted all top 4 reasons why you should start using this type of exercise tool:

1# No Boredom or Monotony with range of p90x accessories

You don’t need any p90x book or booklet to guide you through different workouts. With p90x equipment, you will get a variety of workouts with no limitations. No more boredom and monotony because using p90x equipment lets you perform different types of exercises without any limits.

2# Cost effective

If your goal is to go for a gym membership but don’t really want to do so then simply the p90x supplies and start working out at home without any cost.

3# Increased Workout effectiveness

Using p90x supplies not only gives you a chance to work out at home but also helps in increasing the effectiveness of each exercise by increasing resistance or decreasing it depending on what is required during each particular exercise session.

4# Motivation

This may be my personal opinion but after I started using p90x supplies, I feel much more motivated to do a p90x workout. From my point of view using p90x equipment during your home exercises is actually fun and exciting.

This is why I have decided that p90x supplies are going to be one of my most important p90x equipment used during different exercise sessions at home.

Is P90X still a good workout? 

Yes, P90X is still one of the best workout programs available and you should definitely give it a try to test its effectiveness. I have been following p90x for quite some time now and believe me it has helped me in achieving my weight loss goals by working out at home.

It also helps you get away from all those boring local gyms with overcrowded benches, dumbbells lying around on the floor or missing from racks, and no space for doing your favorite exercises because of a limited number of bench presses that are available. 

_Is P90X still a good workout_

I hope after reading this article you will be able to decide whether p90x equipment can really help you during exercise sessions or not. Remember that each piece of p90x equipment mentioned above is extremely useful and once bought it can be used for a long time for performing different types of p90x exercise sessions.

Do not feel frustrated if you do not have all the p90x equipment initially because it will definitely give you more motivation to work out at home and save a lot of money on doing expensive gym membership fees.

Is P90X outdated?

The P90X program is not outdated and it still remains one of the best workout programs that you can follow easily at home. Like all other p90x articles, this article has also been targeted at people who are thinking of getting p90x equipment because they want to start doing p90x exercise programs at home without any limitations within a small area or space.

The fact that the P90X program is no longer being promoted for commercial reasons does not mean it has become outdated. It simply means that the current market states different fitness wants and needs but p90x fitness program can always be used in a similar manner by anyone interested in working out from home. In fact, the only thing that may have changed very slightly over time is

Final Remarks

After reading the above article you will be able to answer “what do you need for p90x”. P90x equipment is an essential part of any home workout. The specific p90x accessories that you’ll want to invest in depending on the type of exercises and workouts you’re going for, but each one has its own benefits.