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Is p90x healthy? 6 Reasons why it’s not!!!

Is p90x healthy

P90x is an intense training program designed by fitness professional Tony Horton. The workout plan promises results in 90 days; those who finish the entire program will acquire muscle definition and lose fat as a result of both exercising and following a vegan diet (Tony Horton is a vegan). However, some critics claim that P90x is unhealthy, even dangerous to one’s health.

Let’s find out if P90x is true fitness or if it promotes weight loss through unhealthy means.

Reason Why p90x is not healthy

Extreme Training Techniques

The first area of controversy surrounding P90x is its extreme training techniques. There are several reasons why this workout program has gained the reputation of being extremely grueling and harmful for even strong, healthy adults.

Extreme Training Techniques

Power 90 is extreme workout

One of the most extreme workouts in P90x is called “Power 90,” where one must perform a succession of 12 pull-ups and 15 squats. This constitutes “one round” and there are 8 rounds in total.

When we consider that some teens have dropped out of school because they weren’t getting enough sleep and their parents didn’t realize the intensity of the workout, this is cause for alarm. If an 8-round workout leaves even strong adults at risk for injury and no period of rest is supplied between rounds, this gives reason to doubt P90x’s safety.

Some Exercise Techniques are not Recommended!!!

Another area where P90x may be unsafe is in its exercise techniques. Many fitness advisors advise against the practice of swinging weights during workouts because they can cause injury. Such exercises as punching and kicking, which are done in P90x power Kwon-do and capoeira respectively, also have a high risk of injuring those who engage in it.

People Dont Follow Nutritional Advice

Another area where the danger arises from P90x is that many people do not follow Tony Horton’s nutritional advice. Even though he recommends a vegan diet, it is clear that many teens who have tried p90x are not following this advice because they claim to feel tired all the time afterward. These three areas of concern show how P90x can be dangerous for even strong adults and do not demonstrate the safety of the exercise plan.

Its promise to produce result in 90 days

Another area where P90x has come under fire is its effectiveness. It claims to produce results in 90 days, but this is simply not possible if one does not follow the diet or workout plan completely. As seen above, extreme workouts are difficult even for healthy adults and will cause injury if not followed correctly. Also, teens who tried using the workout plan but did not follow it to a tee have complained of feeling tired and having no results from the program.

Lack of Long-term Results

The final area where P90x is ineffective is in its lack of long-term results. People who complete 90 days on this workout plan claim that they see muscle definition, but if they stop working out right after then all their progress will go away. This shows that P90x does have some benefits, but the potential health risks are not worth it for this workout plan.

How can p90x be healthy?

The key to staying healthy while doing p90x is making sure that its style of extreme training doesn’t end up being the opposite – going too slow or not challenging yourself at all thus leading to a decline in health benefits gained from exercise.

To avoid this, you must follow the eating and workout plans exactly as they are laid out. If you aren’t able to do so for some reason, it’s probably best not to try p90x at all.

How can p90x be healthy (2)

What are health benefits of p90x?

While p90x may not be the best choice for those who are extremely out of shape, it can provide many health benefits to anyone willing to give their all during each workout session.

These include: increased lean muscle, a higher metabolism that will allow your body to burn fat more efficiently and thus bring about weight loss results faster, improved cardiovascular function, decreased stress levels, better sleep patterns, increased energy throughout the day, and improved mental focus.

Is p90x good for losing weight?

P90x is very good for losing weight and getting healthy. It is great for weight loss because it has workouts that will increase the number of calories you burn each day, as well as a p90x diet plan to help boost your metabolism and burn fat even faster.

It also helps build lean muscle mass which further increases your calorie-burning capabilities. In addition, many people who stick with this workout program report an increase in energy levels, which means that they can get more done and burn even more calories each day.


In conclusion, while P90x is a good workout for healthy adults who want to get in shape, teens should avoid it because of its grueling intensity and lack of long-term results. What is your opinion of P90x? Should teens use it or should they avoid it?