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is p90x low impact? – What to expect?

Is p90x low impact

p90x is not low-impact. p90x workouts are full-body and incorporate a lot of jumping around, which can be difficult for people who have joint issues or arthritis. Only low impact portion of p90x includes p90x yoga and recovery period. 

Many people do p90x anyway at their own risk. I would recommend doing low-impact workouts in addition to p90x ones, but not instead of them. The jumping around is the best part of the program!

Why Low Impact Exercises are recommended?

  • Low-impact exercises are less stressful for your bones and joints. 
  • Low Impact Aerobics can be done without any health risks of injuries.    High impact aerobics involves doing high jumps, skipping, or running which may cause stress on the knee or hip joints.
  • For people who have joint issues or arthritis, Low impact exercises are the best alternatives to high-impact aerobics. These exercises are also recommended for pregnant women who can prolong the longevity of their pregnancy & reduce the risk of health complications during later stages by doing low-impact workouts.
  • Low Impact Exercises will help you burn more calories, lose weight and improve your overall fitness level over time.    Low Impact Exercises are a good option for people who have limited time on their hands.  
  • They can do their daily exercises consistently and gradually increase the duration of workouts to get the desired result from exercise.
  • Low-impact aerobics burns about 10% to 15% more calories than high-impact workout sessions.
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Which Portions of P90x Workout Program are Low Impact?

P90x yoga workouts can be done without any health risks or stress on joints.

There is only a small amount of jumping in p90x Yoga X, which makes it a low-impact exercise compared to other workouts from the p90x program.

You can also do recovery day while sitting down, which will make your workout 100% low-impact.

P90x has high impact components in its plyometrics workout, Kenpo X and Chin-ups, but it also includes lower intensity workouts like Kenpo X for beginners or Plyometric Cardio X to perform the exercises at your pace. You can choose whichever you feel comfortable with.

Should beginners start P90x with Low Impact Exercises?

Beginners should focus more on doing low-impact exercises for a few to six weeks, depending on their fitness level.

After at least 3-6 weeks of low-impact workouts slip in some high-intensity workout sessions from the p90x program and continue with the low-impact ones gradually increasing their duration or frequency to reach your desired fitness goal.

Is p90x Workout is suitable during pregnancy?

P90x is not recommended for pregnant women. This program involves high-impact workouts, which include lots of jumping around. The continuous jumping in P90x can be extremely stressful for pregnant women.

Low Impact Exercises are the best alternatives to high impact exercises during pregnancy. Do low-impact exercises like yoga or swimming for about 20-30 mins a day to build a strong core and pelvic muscles to reduce the risk of complications during childbirth.

Is p90x high impact workout is recommended for people with joint issues?

P90x can be done by people with or without joint issues, but it is always better to listen to your body and take things easy than overdo them.

The high-impact workout routines in p90x are the most enjoyable part of the program for me personally. But I would recommend low-impact workouts like yoga & running during the recovery day in a week.

There is no need to push yourself beyond your limits when you can do low-impact workouts without putting stress on the joints.

Doing moderately intense workouts for a longer duration will help you lose weight along with building stamina and endurance in the long run, much better than jumping around for an hour or two every day.

Low-impact aerobics are good for people who have limited time on their hands. They can work out consistently and gradually increase the duration of workouts to get the desired results from exercise.

How much strength training is included in P90x Workout Program?

P90X focuses on resistance exercises that require weights to build muscle mass, endurance, and strengthen your body. It also includes intense cardio exercise sessions like P90x Plyometrics (jump training) or Kenpo X (martial art style fighting) to build lean muscle mass and burn more calories.

So, if you are looking for a complete fitness plan that builds muscles as well as burns fat P90X is the right choice. This combination helps your body to become stronger and develop a better blood circulation system through improved lung capacity and heart rate.

Do I need to do P90x every day?

No, you don’t have to follow the program every day. You can take one or two days off from the program without any health risks. People who are new to exercising should stay away from the p90x program for at least 3-6 weeks by doing low-impact exercises to build up their core and pelvic strength.

It is recommended to do P90x workouts for at least 4-5 days during the week depending on your busy schedule or fitness goal. You can even choose workout schedules that work best with your daily routine.

Is p90x low impact worth it?

p90x low impact may be worth it for people who are looking to tone muscles and lose weight in a short period. The program uses resistance training, cardio exercises, and stretching activities to achieve the desired results. There is also no equipment required which makes this even more convenient.

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Advantages of p90x low impact workouts

Low impact routines offer less risk of injury. This can be especially true for people who are just starting with the program or just getting back into working out after an extended time away from physical activities. Low-impact routines can help you get toned without overdoing it, which is always a good thing since the last thing you want is to injure yourself. Read more about P90x Benefits.

What are the disadvantages of p90x low impact workouts?

Low-impact routines take longer to start seeing results. If you’re starting from scratch without any exercises under your belt, you may have a little trouble with getting started.

The main disadvantage of using low-impact routines is that they don’t provide quick results, but rather gradual improvements. You may also experience some soreness and pain during the first few weeks of using low-intensity routines due to your muscles adjusting to the new workload.

Can I lose weight with p90x low impact exercises?

Anyone can lose weight with p90x low impact exercises. The program uses resistance training, cardio activities, and stretching to achieve results in a short time frame. There is no equipment required which makes this even more convenient.


If you are looking for low impact workout then p90x is not the best workout in the market. It’s mainly filled with intense high-impact exercises that take up most of your time. But regardless of p90x low impact workouts, the program could still be beneficial if you stay aware of what’s going on and modify things so they work for you.