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Does p90x work without the diet?

Does p90x work without the diet

No, p90x works best when it is combined with dieting. The diet is not supposed to be a main part of the p90x workout. The diet was designed as a guide and is intended for those who plan to take it further than just their 90-day challenge. 

Although there are some nutritional supplements that one can take to enhance the body’s ability to achieve the weight loss goal, these supplements will only work if the user has gone through the 90-day challenge and continues with his diet.  Once one stops with their diet, the supplements are useless.

Check out the complete p90x diet plan for a better overview.

Why Diet is Important?

  1. It helps with the amount of exercise required to burn out those calories
  2. It brings down your stress, which is usually caused by eating high-fat foods. Stress makes you susceptible to weight gain since it affects your body’s hormonal balance.
  3. The diet can help bring back balance in one’s mind and body after p90x.
Why Diet is Important

What Benefits diet bring?

  1. It helps reduce unnecessary calorie intake that can lead to weight gain, which in turn will prevent your body from sudden change afterwards. 
  2. Keeps your body in shape because you don’t jump into other rigorous workouts without any physical conditioning or preparation.
  3. Prevents you from gaining all the weight back after finishing p90x.

P90x Dietary Guidelines

Although it is not required for one to take the diet further than the 90-day challenge, it does help keep your body in shape and at its most optimal performance level. 

The whole point of having a diet guide with the program is to ensure that users will be able to maintain and continue their weight loss after finishing the 90-day challenge.  It is like a training plan, where one will move onto more intense workouts and diets if he has completed his initial p90x fitness package.

The program helps you lose calories by burning them out through intense exercises such as plyometrics, etc. If your diet is poor, it will hinder your progress on losing more weight. 

The dietary guidelines were made so that the users can actually see results after completing their 90-day challenge by maintaining their level of fitness and losing more weight than they would have if they had not done the program.

For those who are willing to do additional dieting, p90x also has a meal plan that helps reduce fat and sodium intake.

Another important part of the dietary guidelines is to get rid of processed carbohydrates from your diet, which is included in almost all fast foods, junk foods or any type of convenience food. The number of carbs these days are at their highest due to the manufacturers putting them in almost all food.

One needs to get rid of high glycemic carbohydrates from their diet, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases. It is better to eat whole foods that do not have a package or a label because these are usually healthier and will give your body the necessary nutrients it requires for your workout sessions.

The p90x dietary guidelines are not meant for those who plan to do the 90 day challenge and stop there. It is intended for those who want to be well prepared for more upcoming challenges and diets that involve intense physical activities after they have finished with their p90x workout videos. 

P90x Dietary Guidelines

What comes with the p90x diet?

Diet P90X Contains the following:

  • Target calorie intake for your body type.
  • A calorie counter that calculates your daily intake from food and drink.
  • Diet p90x online support forum.
  • Recipes to ensure proper nutrition for your workouts.

Will I get bulky?  

No, you’ll get toned and lean muscle. P90X workout system is not designed to bulk or gain weight but will give you maximum results in minimum time by targeting your fast-twitch muscles fibers. P90x sets out to burn fat giving you a leaner, trimmer figure which can be targeted using the nutrition guide.

Will I get bulky

What type of results can I expect?  

Not everyone will get the same p90x results as each body is different. P90X workout system has been designed to work on all types of bodies giving you maximum results in minimum time by burning fat and building muscle at the same time. Diet p90x is also tailored for vegetarians, low-carb and Atkins diets to help you lose weight in the shortest time possible.


P90X workout system is designed to give you maximum results in 90 days. Diet p90x is easy to use with a user-friendly interface that includes a 30-day diet plan for vegetarians, low-carb, and Atkins diets. If you’re looking for an exercise program to lose weight quickly, P90X workout system may be the right choice for you.