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P90x yoga – Complete Home-Based Yoga Calendar

p90x yoga workout

Introduction to P90x Yoga

P90x yoga is a type of hatha yoga introduced by tony horton, which is the most popular type of yoga in the United States. Horton begins the 90-minute yoga class with a motivational speech. He then leads the viewer and four students on-screen through a series of sun salutations. Inflow (vinyasa) yoga, these are a series of poses (called asanas) that are typically performed one after the other without stopping. You can also check the p90x calendar for other p90x programs.

If looking to start the p90x home workout series or are only interested in the Yoga class, do a checkout list of p90x equipment like p90x dumbbells and P90x resistance bands, etc. for better results.

Who Should Do P90x yoga?

Only for yoga familiar persons

P90X yoga class is fine for an experienced hatha yoga student who understands alignment and is aware of and willing to accept his physical limitations in order to stay safe.

P90X yoga cues on form and breathing are good enough for you to muddle through if you have some experience with hatha yoga practice and at least some of the poses, though they will still lack clarity.

p90x yoga for women

Not for beginner

P90X yoga cues, on the other hand, are sufficiently ambiguous that they may leave you in the dark if you’re new to yoga.

This hatha yoga isn’t entirely to blame for this. The devil is in the details when it comes to yoga, and mastering some poses without an experienced, live instructor on hand to look at what you’re doing and offer feedback can be difficult.

Women can also perform all these exercises. For more details, do check our article on p90x women.

P90x Yoga Benefits

Balance improvement

The physical and breathing exercises used in yoga introduced by tony horton can help to strengthen the core of the body and improve reflexes, making it easier to improve the physical and hormonal balance of the body.

p90x yoga benefits

Flexibility improvement

Stretch your muscles and expand your range of motion using yoga poses. They’ll increase your flexibility with consistent practice.

For more muscle-related workouts, check out our article on p90x muscle confusion.  

Posture improvement

Your posture improves as you become stronger and more flexible.

Because your core muscles are required to support and hold each position, the majority of standing and sitting poses improve core strength. For this purpose, our article on p90x core synergetic will really help you.

You’ll be more inclined to sit and stand “tall” if your core is stronger.

Tony Horton Yoga classes can also help you become more aware of your body. This allows you to identify if you’re slouching or drooping more immediately and correct your posture.

Weight loss

By burning calories, increasing mindfulness, and reducing stress, yoga is a promising technique to help with behavioral change, weight reduction, and maintenance. These characteristics may assist you in reducing your food consumption and becoming more aware of the negative consequences of overeating. P90x lean schedule also helps in weight loss.

Reduce nervousness

Tony Horton Yoga classes promote relaxation, which is the natural antidote to stress, thus it can help you relax. Our body, mind, and breathing are three components of ourselves that are frequently affected by stress, and yoga classes may help them all.

Better sleep

Tony Horton Yoga classes may aid in the relaxation response, which is a state of calmness in the body. The fight-or-flight response is the polar opposite of this. Relaxing yoga classes can help you relax and attain a reduced arousal state. This may result in decreased blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as improved sleep.

There are many other benefits of Tony Horton p90x workout, you can find in the article p90x pros and cons/benefits.

p90x yoga complex poses

Obstruction of p90x yoga

Yoga has a number of risks, the most common of which are physical and exhausting injuries. Yoga’s drawbacks are due to a variety of factors, including injury. Negligence or a lack of basic knowledge of yoga postures are the causes of these drawbacks.

Following are some obstructions of p90x yoga:

Pushing yourself is promoted

Most yoga teachers don’t encourage pupils to push themselves, but P90X yoga does (and for good reason). This is how accidents occur.

Tricky poses

Many yoga asanas require forward or backward bending, which, if done incorrectly, can put a strain on joint stability, ligaments, and the backbone. If you do not practice the correct yoga stance, you may get hip joint problems.

p90x yoga - moving asanas

P90x Yoga Workout Modules

Yoga X introduced by Tony Horton can be divided into four portions after a warm-up consisting of sun salutations, which are a series of positions strung together in a flowing sequence.

Moving Asanas

These poses are done in a “flow” or “vinyasa” manner, which implies seamless transitions connect them. Sun salutations serve as transitions between poses in this sequence, which includes Mountain Pose, Plank Position, Upward Dog, and Downward Dog. This downward dog position is very helpful.

Balance Postures

Three moves to help you improve your proprioception and gain a better understanding of what your body can do in space. To put it another way, get ready to tumble.

Floor Work

In-floor work yoga poses you’ll move energy through the lower body in this floor-based sequence.

Yoga Belly 7

This section of Tony Horton Yoga X focuses solely on abs and core work as if our abs and cores needed an extra workout.

P90x Yoga Workout Exercises

Moving Asanas

p90x yoga workout

Runner’s Pose

With your palms flat on the floor, this is essentially a low lunge position. Your front (bent) leg’s hamstring and outer hip, as well as your back leg’s hip flexors, all get a nice, long stretch.

Crescent Pose

Swing your arms to the front and up until they and your upper body are vertical, starting in Runner’s Pose. This is a leg balance challenge that also deepens the stretch in the back leg’s hip flexors.

Warrior One

This pose is similar to Crescent Pose except that your back foot is perpendicular to your front foot and your entire back foot is on the floor.

Warrior Two

The legs and feet are in the same position as in Warrior One, but you rotate your torso to open up your chest and bring your arms to shoulder height so that they’re horizontal — one pointing forward and the other pointing back, with both palms facing down.

Reverse Warrior

Inhale and turn your front hand over (palm up), then bring your front arm overhead so that your bicep is next to your ear as you exhale. Your backhand should be resting on your back leg. Lean back to get a good stretch, and look at the eye of your upraised arm’s elbow.

Triangle Pose

This exercise strengthens your side and hips. As you exhale, bend at the front hip and lean forward, starting in Warrior Two position. Maintain a parallel position with your arms until you’ve reached as far forward as you can, then lower your front arm to the floor while raising your back arm to the ceiling. Do not arch your back.

Twisting Triangle Pose

Similar to Triangle Pose, but with your torso twisted in the opposite direction so that your arms change positions.

Chair / Chair with Prayer Twist

Bend your hips and knees into a squat position from a standing position, as if you were sitting in a chair. Your knees should track over your toes and your legs should stay together. Raise your arms overhead and hold them there. Exhale as you twist to one side, hooking your elbow on the outside of your knee, starting in a chair pose.

Right-Angle Pose / Extended Right-Angle Pose & Grab

This is similar to Triangle Pose, except you’re in a deep lunge position instead of keeping your legs straight. In addition, you reach your top arm up over your head to extend the pose. To make it even more difficult, you bring your top arm behind your back and reach between your legs with your bottom arm to grab your other hand. 

Prayer Twist from Runner’s Pose / Side Arm Balance

Twist with your hands in prayer position, hook your elbow on the outside of your bent knee, and hold. To transition to Side Arm Balance, start in a side plank position and press your bottom hand firmly down while rotating your body up and raising your top arm and leg.

Warrior Three / Standing Splits

Warrior Three is no laughing matter. Begin in Crescent Pose, then push with your front leg to form a horizontal plane with your arms, body, and back leg. To get into Standing Splits, lower your arms to the floor and lift your back leg higher.

Half-Moon / Twisting Half-Moon

Drop one palm to the floor and raise the other arm to the ceiling from Warrior Three. Hold for as long as you can until you feel dizzy. Then switch arms and turn your torso to the other side.

Balance Postures

p90x yoga balance workout


This move necessitates a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. Place the foot of the other leg on the inside of the standing thigh and stand on one leg. Hold your hands in a prayer position, then separate them and reach straight up into the air. Hold for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Royal Dancer

The hip flexors, hamstrings, and lower back get a deep stretch from Royal Dancer, which is a balance challenge. Put your weight on your right leg and hold the inside of your left ankle with your left hand from a standing position. Raise your left leg back and bend your waist while reaching your right arm straight forward, palm to the sky. Hold for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Standing Leg Extension

Raise one leg parallel to the floor while standing on the other. Hold for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Floor Work

p90x yoga posture center


Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor from a low squat. Walking with your feet close to your hands is a good idea. Knees should be wider than elbows, and the insides of your knees should be pressed against your upper arms (just outside your armpits). Keep your elbows close to your sides and rest your shins against your triceps. Transfer your entire body weight to your arms and lift your legs off the ground. Hold the position for one minute. 

Seated Spinal Stretch

A long and relaxing backstretch! Sit down and tuck your right foot under your left leg and next to your left buttock, with your left foot on the floor and your left knee bent. Raise your right hand to the ceiling and place your left palm on the floor just below the base of your spine. Bring your right elbow to the side of your left thigh and twist your torso to the left. Inhale and exhale five times, twisting to the left with each exhale while pressing your right elbow into your left thigh. After that, switch sides.

Cat Stretch

Another wonderful backstretch. Place yourself on your hands and knees. Arc your back and lift your head with each inhale; round your back and lower your chin to your chest with each exhale.


Extend your legs wide from Cat Stretch, keeping your upper and lower legs at a right angle. Stretch your inner thighs by lowering your upper body to the ground and gently pressing your hips backward.

Bridge / Wheel

Exhale and, pressing your inner feet and arms firmly into the floor, lift your buttocks off the floor, pressing your tailbone upward toward the pubis, firming (but not hardening) the buttocks. Maintain a parallel line between your thighs and inner feet.

Plough to Shoulder Stand and back to Plough

Raise your legs and hips while lying on your back and supporting your lower back with your hands. Raise your legs to the sky in a straight line. Separate your legs. Then, with your knees bent and to the sides, join the soles of your feet. Also, do some scissor splits. Finally, try to touch the floor with your toes by dropping both feet over your head.


Place your palms on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, pointing your fingers forward, from a seated position. Bend your knees with your feet on the floor so that your entire body is parallel to the floor, from head to thighs.

Cobbler Pose

Sit with your knees to the sides and the soles of your feet together. Keep your back straight grab your feet and open them up like a book. Do this for 30 seconds, then extend your arms forward for another 30 seconds.

One-Legged Hamstring Stretch into Two-Legged Hamstring Stretch

Sit and extend one leg out, tucking the other foot into the extended leg’s inner thigh. Grab the foot of your extended leg as you bend forward from your hips. Rep on the opposite side. Then, with both legs extended, repeat the process.

The Yoga Belly 7

p90x yoga belly 7 workout

Touch the Sky

Lay down on your back and raise your arms and legs to the sky. Hold.


Sit up straight, balancing on your tailbone and raising your legs together with your arms reaching forward, palms up. Maintain a straight back and a high chest.

Half Boat

Boat-style, but with one foot on the ground.


These are the same as Ab Ripper X’s Fifer Scissors, except you hold them for 30 seconds before switching legs.

Torso Twist Hold / Deep Torso Twist Hold

Lie down on your back, arms straight out to the sides. Raise your legs to a 45-degree angle and tilt them to the side. Switch to the other side after 30 seconds.

Three-Part Touch the Sky

Similar to Touch the Sky, but this time raise your arms and legs higher to increase the intensity.

Side Twist

Bend your right knee and pull your heel in towards your buttocks like you’re on your back. Turn your head to the right and place your left hand on the outside of your right knee, pulling it across your body towards the floor. Change sides.

Glute Stretch

Sit on the floor and extend your legs out in front of you to perform this stretch. Lift your left leg and place your left ankle on your right knee, keeping your back straight. To deepen the stretch, lean forward slightly. Hold for 20 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.

Happy Baby

While bending your knees, lie on your back and grab the outsides of your feet with your hands. Roll from one side to the other.


After several months of practicing power Yoga X, it is possible to conclude that yoga improves overall fitness and for this purpose, you can also check out out article on the p90x nutrition and fitness guide. P90x Legs and back workout help to stretch tight muscles and increase range of motion. Similarly, p90x shoulder and arm workouts help to lower the risk of injury and improve your body’s flexibility, balance, and strength. To increase muscle power check out our article on p90x plyometrics.

Is there a single gripe? This DVD is excessively long. For busy people who are already overdosing, ninety minutes is a lot to ask. There’s a lot of good stuff packed into this session, but many people (who aren’t fans of power yoga, to begin with) skip it because they don’t think they can fit it into their already-overburdened schedules.