About Us

Yarr Me! is the brainchild of Maryam Shah, a Singapore native who began cooking with her father at age five. She also credits her hometown love of ‘hawker centers’ – food stalls dishing up various Asian street foods – as a definitive culinary influence. Her fanatical home cooking has always valued high quality ingredients and simple, quick preparations.

As a former executive working in Singapore and London, Yarr Me grew frustrated that the hectic schedule of working people turned the pleasures of cooking into supermarket grab-and-go or lukewarm delivery. Upon moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005 and realizing that the problem was truly universal, she decided to add sizzle to a solution and launched Cook! in spring 2006.

In addition to the freshest produce, whole grains, and the most sustainable proteins available, Maryam values top-tier nutrition for vitality and performance, particularly for those with health issues or food sensitivities. But what truly matters to her is what’s on the end of the fork – real recipes, tested until flawless, inspired by her favorite restaurants, cookbooks, friends, and customers.

When not behind the stove, Maryam is a board member and events chair of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, where she organizes discussions on sustainable food and cooking. She’s spoken at the Commonwealth Club and appeared in numerous media for her innovations in home cooking, including Daily Candy, The Examiner, and KGO Radio. Maryam is also involved in competitive fencing, and she’s represented her native country in many World Cup tournaments and is currently captain of the Singapore national women’s saber fencing.