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Is p90x good for athletes? – Check out why it’s not effective?

Is p90x good for athletes

P90x might not be a good choice for athletes, because it doesn’t include a lot of cardio-focused workouts. P90x has also been known to cause injury in people who are new to the type of training that is involved with p90x. That being said, there have been some cases where athletes find great success with p90x.

Reasons why p90x is not good for athletes?

No Coach

DVD workouts like Insanity and P90X are appealing since they may be done at home alone. Although this is straightforward and handy, it has several drawbacks for athletes.

No Coach with P90x

Correction through a trained coach’s observations is an important aspect of learning skills like footwork drills or plyometrics. Athletes can develop negative habits that harm their performance and result in injury without the assistance of a professional.

Furthermore, many of these programs are quite intense. High-intensity workouts can elevate an athlete’s risk for injury without the supervision of a qualified physical educator.

No Screening

Most DVD workouts simply require the purchase of the exercise program and knowledge of basic movements. Much like yoga, P90X is adaptable for all levels by modifying the intensity and duration of poses, yet it isn’t necessarily an accurate assessment or assessment at all.

As a result, athletes interested in these programs should be wary about what they are about to undertake. However, these workouts are not dangerous for all athletes.

At the end of the day, if an athlete can commit enough time to train, has access to a qualified coach to assist with individualized coaching, and is injury-free, P90X may be appropriate for them. On the other hand, if this isn’t the case, P90X may not be a good choice for athletes.

No Warm-up

Since the workouts are only 30-45 minutes long, p90x doesn’t include enough time to warm up. This can be extremely harmful to an athlete’s body and cause serious injury if they attempt a high-intensity workout without preparing their muscles beforehand. Check out in detail the p90x calendar for a better overview of the program.

No warmup

No Mechanical Lessons for Speed, Lateral Movement, and Deceleration

Athletes have to be able to move quickly and in different directions. P90x concentrates on strength training without including speed, lateral movement, or deceleration lessons.

Athletes need to learn how to move correctly, not only run and jump. These lessons are paramount to allow the athlete to move with proper form and perform technical movements such as passing, throwing, and kicking.

No Prehabilitation

P90x does not include rehabilitation exercises that would prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Athletes should aim for a balance between strength training, speed, and cardio.

How to make p90x better for athletes?

If you are an athlete and still want to give p90x a chance, it’s best to focus on the strength training portion of the workouts. Out of all 12 DVDs in p90x, there is only one that can be considered “cardio” focused (X-Cardio). This DVD involves jogging combined with some other exercises, but it’s still not as cardio-intensive as a workout that you would find at the gym.

If you do decide to give p90x a try, make sure that your focus is on improving strength and muscle tone rather than weight loss. For athletes trying to lose weight, other workouts might be better suited for them.

Benefits of p90x for athletes

The good news for athletes is that the p90x workouts are tough, so you will see some results. In addition to working out hard, it’s also important to eat right and stay hydrated while using p90x. Some people say they lose around 30 pounds in 90 days when they combine a healthy diet with this workout program!

Drawbacks of p90x for athletes

Like we mentioned before, p90x might not be a good choice if you are looking to lose weight or increase your cardiovascular endurance. If you do decide to try it out though, make sure that the strength training portion is emphasized and take regular rest days. Doing too much without giving yourself time to rest can lead to burnout or injury.

Is p90x good for runners?

P90x might not be the best option for runners, because it doesn’t include any cardio workouts. Most of the DVDs in p90x are focused on building muscle and increasing strength. If you want to incorporate running into your workout routine, consider using a different program that is more geared towards endurance training (like Insanity or Beachbody’s other programs).

Is P90x Good for Runners

Does p90x make you stronger?

P90x is known to get people results, but it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone. If you are looking for a program that will help you build muscle and improve strength while also helping with weight loss or increasing cardiovascular endurance, p90x might not be right for you! Check out the article on, “Is p90x good for fat loss?”.

Is p90x better then running?

P90x isn’t necessarily better than running, but it is a good alternative for people who don’t enjoy running or can no longer do that type of training. P90x has been known to get great results and you will feel the burn while working out with p90x!

What are health effects of p90x for athletes?

P90x is a great workout system that has been known to get people in shape, but it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone. Athletes should focus on building muscle and improving strength while also eating well and resting regularly. P90x might lead to injury if you aren’t careful or don’t take enough rest days!

Is p90x good for sports?

P90x is good for sports, but it’s not the best option if you are trying to increase cardiovascular endurance or lose weight. Athletes should focus on strength training and building muscle when using p90x, and the program will get them in great shape! Athletes should also make sure that they are eating well and resting properly when doing p90x.

What is the alternative of p90x for athletes?

For athletes that don’t want to do p90x, there are a lot of other workout regimens out there. If you’re looking for something more cardio-intensive, try Beachbody’s other programs. Athletes should also make sure they focus on building muscle as well as eating healthy and resting when doing any training program!

Athletes should also consider doing yoga or pilates. These types of workout regimens are great for balance and flexibility, which can be important even if you’re just looking to stay fit! Athletes might find that they enjoy other training programs more than p90x too – it depends on what your goals are as an athlete.


There are many benefits and drawbacks of P90X for athletes. It is important to think about whether the exercise regimen will be good for your individual fitness goals before starting any workout plan. If you want to take it up a notch, try integrating this intense training program with an incentive-based rewards system.