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P90x Legs and Back Workouts – Shared here is the Schedule and Benefits

2-1- P90x Legs and Back Workout Schedule

If you’re looking for a way to slim down, tone up and strengthen your leg muscles while getting a great core workout like p90x core synergetic, you should consider p90x legs and back Workouts.

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P90x Legs and Back Workout Benefits

P90X is an intense 90-day fitness program that comes with 12 DVDs designed to work out each part of your body individually.  

The fourth DVD in the series focuses on legs and back workouts, which will get your heart pumping quickly as you go through lunges (with calf raises), calf raise squats, and hamstring curls.  

In just one month, users have reported losing weight from all over their body–especially around the belly area–while gaining muscle definition in their legs!

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P90x Legs and Back Workout Benefits

Stimulates weight loss

Because this P90x Leg and Back Workout uses mostly compound exercises, each movement works for more than one muscle group in the body at any given time.

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This means that with just a few reps of each exercise, you can burn hundreds and hundreds of calories, resulting in substantial weight loss over time.

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Plus, due to its intensity level, you may even boost the number of calories burned beyond what’s normally possible!

Tones them up very fast

Just like cardio workouts that work on burning fat, a p90x leg and back workout also help get rid of excess fats from the body. This in time results in a well-defined and toned-up back and legs.

Get toned body with legs and Back workout

Gives you flexibility and balance

One advantage you get from this p90x leg and back workout is improved flexibility since p90x leg and back routines are mostly non-stop with minimal rest for about one hour.

While doing a p90x legs and back workout routine, there are times when a certain part of your body has to stretch and this will help your flexibility.

When you can hold a pose for longer than usual, then you have increased flexibility.

For flexibility and balance purposes, you can also check p90x yoga.

And makes you feel good about yourself

When you look in the mirror and see that your legs are well-toned, it’s sure to put a smile on your face and give you confidence in knowing how far you’ve come.

Eliminates fatigue during everyday tasks

After a hard day of doing manual labor at work or running around with the kids, many people feel fatigued when all they want to do is unwind.

The good news is that anyone who maintains a consistent p90x workout schedule will notice improvements in their energy levels within four weeks.

Not only does exercising lead to greater energy levels, but your ability to recover from fatigue will improve too.

P90x Legs and Back Workout Schedule

The P90x Legs and Back workout is especially effective. That 60-minute video provides the intense exercise your legs need to get stronger.

Workouts in DVDs are structured such that after each 2 legs workout, there is one back workout. There is no mention of repetitions for either leg or back workouts, but the time allotted to complete the given sets is mentioned.

It states that you should complete as many repetitions in the allotted time frame as possible.

Perfect Schedule for P90x Legs and Back Routine

The workout includes 23 sets of exercises, completed in this order:

  • balanced lunges
  • calf raises squats
  • reverse grip chin-ups
  • super skaters
  • wall squat
  • wide front pull-ups
  • step-back lunges
  • alternating side lunges
  • close grip pull-ups
  • single leg wall squat
  • deadlift squats
  • switch grip pull-ups
  • three-way lunge
  • sneaky lunge
  • reverse grip chin-ups
  • chair salutations
  • toe roll iso lunge
  • wide grip pull-ups
  • groucho walk
  • calf raises
  • close grip overhead pull-ups
  • 80-20 speed squat
  • switch grip pull-ups

If looking to start the p90x home workout series or are only interested in the legs and back workout part, do a checkout list of p90x equipment like p90x dumbbells and P90x resistance bands, etc. for better results.

Modifications and Improvement in Legs and Back Workout

Legs and Back Workout covers most of the muscles needed for full-body fitness, which is why it’s included in each week of the P90x schedule except weeks 4 and 8.

For a complete fitness schedule, do check out the p90x nutrition and fitness guide.

Earlier we mentioned you will need to do as many repetitions of these workouts as possible, which may not be a problem for someone who is in shape. However, if your body isn’t used to the intense p90x leg and back routine and volume of p90x, you may find it difficult to complete all reps.

For example, if you are finding it difficult to complete a pull-up bar workout session, you can use a pull-up bar assist band to reach your desired target.

The same goes for lower body exercises, if you are new to them go slow and stick to simple planks.

As far as p90x legs and back workout is concerned, modifying leg exercises, the schedule, or even skipping some of them altogether may not be a good idea since it’s designed in such a manner that progression follows a certain order.

For example, doing half-squat may not benefit you much compared to deep wall squats which require more strength.

However, if you find yourself struggling with any particular exercise or aspect of the p90x leg and back routine (such as balance), there are always ways to improve upon your skillset without having to eliminate an entire exercise from your workout regimen!

At the initial stages, you can adjust your workout plan to make it look easier for your body to endure and as you progress through weeks, perform a complete set of workouts to gain the maximum benefits of a p90x workout.

Women can also perform all these exercises, do checkout p90x for women for more details.

Warm up and Break During P90x Legs and Back Workout

Duration of this p90x legs and back workout is 1 hour 30 minutes, including rest time after each section of different exercises, plus 1 min warm-up and 5 mins cool down at the end of P90x Legs and Back Workout schedule.

It should be noted that it refers to rest time for one exercise/set only- not the entire near an hour between exercises or preparing for the next set.

Also, for warm-up there are no specific instructions on what kind of stretching to do, etc., just look at Tony, in the beginning, doing some simple stretches for a couple of minutes before trying any of these exercises. The cooldown period is just Tony again stretching for 5 mins.

Do Warm up before legs and back workout

Personal Advice

When you begin this p90x legs and back workouts schedule, stick with it and don’t let anyone talk you out of doing the exercises or skip a day. Just remember that when you exercise regularly, your body gets accustomed to the daily activity and gets stronger, so keep up the good work!

So now there are no more excuses not to get started on your p90x legs and back workout. Your body will be thankful that you did in a short time…

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