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P90x Ab Ripper X List & Workout System: Core and Abdominal Exercises

1-1- P90x Ab Ripper X Routine and Schedule

Ab ripper x is one of the most intense ab workouts done within p90x workout system. This ab routine is designed to be just 16 minutes long, and the focus is on core and abs. It’s a short p90x ab ripper workout but one that will leave you worn out!

The benefits of this p90x abs ripper workout are strong back muscles, which help with your spinal cord as well. We’re going to share what exercises you can expect in ab ripper x in those 15 minutes so get ready to work hard!

What is P90x Ab Ripper X Workout Schedule

Ab Ripper X is an intense workout program designed specifically for abdominal muscles. P90x ab ripper workout is 16 minutes long with 11 different moves having 25 to 50 repetitions each.

16 minutes of p90x abs ripper workout does not look tiresome but continuous pushing abdominal muscles for straight 16 minutes with no break whatsoever will become very tiresome, painful, and difficult to your ab muscles.

It stretches your entire midsection as well as engages individual muscle groups from front to side so you can get a six-pack to look at without doing additional exercise or following any particular diet plan.

Advantage of Abs Ripper X List Over Conventional Exercises

In general videos, there are a series of abs ripper x exercises shared to build abs and increase core strength like plank, crunches, and sit-ups. P90X is on an entirely different level from these exercises; it’s intense and brutal but also worth the effort if you want quality results.

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1-2-What is P90x Ab Ripper X

Conventional abs ripper x exercises like planks and crunches are great for building abs in the front only while ab ripper x is effective with all parts of your abdominal muscles that form a complete six-pack. Ab Ripper X program focuses on Obliques, lower abdominal muscles, and lower back muscles.

Ab Ripper X is not just an ab workout; it’s a complete core and ab session that includes other parts of the body like abs, lower abdominals, and lower back muscles in 16 minutes workout program.

What are the Benefits of P90x Ab Ripper X list?

Ab Ripper X ab workouts are very intense. There’s no question about it but the benefits of this ab routine are worth all the pain and suffering you’ll go through.

Better Spine – P90x Ab Ripper X List

Stronger back muscles mean better support for your spine so that when you’re pushing yourself to the limit in ab rippers x workout program, a strong core helps with stability throughout your body.

1-4- P90x Ab Ripper X Workout advantages - perfect spine

Impressive Six Packs for Summer Season

You can also expect stronger abdominal muscles which not only help make things easier on your lower back but also give off an impressive six-pack look without doing additional abs ripper x exercises or following any particular diet plan!

Increase Endurance and Stamina

The 16 minutes ab routine will leave you worn out as well as increase endurance from head to toe; meaning that if anything else feels too difficult at some point during the p90x ab ripper x workout, you’ll have the energy to keep going.

No need of Diet Plan for Beach Looks

This ab routine targets your entire midsection while engaging individual muscle groups from front to side and gives an impressive six-pack look without doing additional abs ripper x exercises or following any particular diet plan.

Enjoy Summer Season with P90x Ab Ripper X

Importantly, the intense and challenging p90x ab Ripper X workout will help with certain goals of reducing fat and building six-packs before beach season starts.

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1-3-P90x Ab Ripper X List Workout Benefits

What are the Drawbacks about P90x Ab Ripper X List?

Ab Ripper X can be intense for some people so we recommend starting off slow by splitting up the 16 minutes into two sets of eight-minute workouts for the first few days or weeks until the body gets used to intensity then gradually increase the time frame when ready.

It’s not sustainable, the p90x demands an intense p90x ab ripper workout which can be done in short term but, some people don’t expect it to work in the longer run.

Women can also perform all these exercises. For more details, do check our article on p90x women.

1-5- P90x Workout Ab Ripper X is Intense Workout

How often should I do P90X Ab Ripper X?

You should do p90x ab ripper x list workout for three days out of the p90x week. Doing ab ripper x too many times will only tire your muscles and the result is just ab fatigue, which not going to give you any faster or better results than doing them once a week at most.

Does Ab Ripper X really work?

Do ab ripper x work? Absolutely. Abdominal muscles are challenged in every p90x abs ripper workout and Ab Ripper X is no exception. This intense ab routine will tire your abs to the limit with a 16 minutes video of continuous pushing without any break so it would be hard for anyone not to see results, especially if you do p90x ab ripper x list three times out of the week as recommended by P90X creator Tony Horton

Can P90x Ab Ripper X list reduce Fat and Burn Calories?

Yes, P90x ab ripper x list can reduce fat and burn calories. In just a 15-minute session, you’ll complete 220 repetitions of 11 core strengthening exercises that will leave your heart rate up throughout the p90x abs ripper workout. This increased calorie burning accelerates you to lose weight through improved cardiovascular health and an increase in metabolism.

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Can P90x Ab Ripper X Reduce Diabetes Risk?

P90X ab ripper x list is not only for aesthetics; it also reduces diabetes risk by building abdominal muscles which produce insulin to regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream. A stronger ab muscle means better lung function due to a stronger diaphragm as well as better posture so there’s no doubt that this training program has major benefits!

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A strong back often means better posture and stability, but ab ripper x is one of the best exercises for strengthening your spinal cord muscles. It’s also worth noting that doing p90x ab ripper x list too many times will only tire out your abs instead of maximizing it – so we recommend you do this p90x abs ripper workout once a week at most to give yourself time to recover.

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What Equipment is Required for Ab Ripper X Workout?

No equipment is needed at all but if you want some variety then feel free to use an exercise mat for better comfort during your 16 minutes workout program!

But if looking to start p90x home workout series, do a checkout list of p90x equipment like p90x dumbbells and P90x resistance bands, etc. for better results.

How long is Ab Ripper X?

Ab Ripper X is a workout that consists of 13 exercises, including planks and pushups. The entire workout only takes 15 minutes, but you will have to go through multiple circuits to complete 300 reps.

What Exercises Will I do for P90x Ab Ripper X list?

In and Outs

Sit down with your legs together and knees bent. Bend over your ankles to balance yourself and lift up to find the first position. Extend your legs in front of you, a few inches off ground, while balancing at the same time for 25 reps.

Bicycles – P90x Ab Ripper x list

Sit on your knees bent with feet flat and palms on the back. Do a Lunge, while touching your toes to the floor. Lean back slightly and lift your right and left foot off of the ground.

Keep the chest up and spine straight. Do this for about 25 repetitions (but stop if it becomes too painful and hurts your belly botton).

Reverse Bicycles

Perform the same movement as in Bicycle Crunches, cycling your feet in the opposite direction to “reverse cycle”

1-6- Ab Ripper X Exercise - Crunchy Frog

Crunchy Frog

Sit with your arms propped out to the side.

At the same time, lean back slightly while lifting your knees so they are just touching the ground. Hold this position and then lean forwards to fold in on yourself for 15 seconds. Repeat 25 times.

Wide Leg Sit up

Sit up with your legs straight and spread out evenly. Lie on your back, place your left hand behind your head and extend your right arm up to the ceiling.

To keep your legs straight, sit up fully, reach for your right hand first at the top of the 360 ° then look towards your left leg.

Go back to move, lying on the floor.

Swap hands from side to side until you have finished reversing 12 times each side.

Fifer Scissors – p90x ab ripper x list

Start in a supine position with your legs bent at the knees, feet flexed.

Raise your legs about six inches [6 cm] from the floor and extend them until straight without bending at the hips or raising your pelvis to keep your left leg stationary by curling it to cover its shin, then raise your right leg towards the ceiling straight end route to completely contracting it hold this shape for two counts before changing to be in a prone position with both legs raised.

Repeat this sequence 24 times.

HIP Rock n Raise

  • Lie flat on your back with your feet in the shape of a butterfly.
  • Keep your legs together and lift your feet off the ground until you’re almost sitting up straight.
  • To engage the muscles in the front of your core, pull back, letting gravity lower you again while keeping your feet on the floor.
  • Repeat for 25 reps.


  • To perform this p90x ab ripper workout, lie flat on your back with both legs straight and feet pressed against the ceiling. This is your starting position.
  • To keep your legs straight, make a contraction with your abs and push your heels towards the ceiling, lifting up as high as possible.
  • Go back to the original starting position and repeat 25 reps before moving on to the next movement of pulse-ups.
1-8- P90x Exercise for better abs - Pulse ups Exercise


Lie on your back with your butt and toes touching the floor. Hold onto the backs of your heels to keep them from moving while you raise and lower your feet. As you come up, press down as hard as possible for a prolonged beat and then release. That’s one rep.


  • Lie on your right side with legs at a 30-degree angle, feet included.
  • Extend your right arm to the side, palm down and place left hand behind head.
  • To keep your legs straight and balanced on the ground, lift your muscles up so that you’re not resting on them. At the same time, extend left elbow and bend knees until they rest against each other in front of hip buttock – turnaround is done by switching sides. That’s one rep.
  • This position is executed for 25 repetitions, then turn over to executing this move lying down with arms extended to floor but toes pointed upwards (left) or downwards (right).

Leg Climbs – p90x ab ripper x list

  • Lie on your back, with handles approximately shoulder-width apart.
  • Extend your right leg so it forms an angle of 45 degrees down. Keep your thighs aligned, and extend the left leg so that it is straight.
  • Lift the right foot over the hand until you can just touch its toes with fingertips of the corresponding hand; do 12 reps, then repeat for left side.

Mason Twist

Sit on your knees and your feet flat. Raise your feet down, measure them on your butt, and sit there throughout the set. Put your fingers in it and stretch out in front of you. Rotate to the right side a little bit (make sure that the left side is at 90 degrees).

Touch the bottom of the right hip with both hands (or as close as possible). Now rotate back to the left-hand side so that something is touching the lower left hip. That’s one round for each arm. Repeat a total of 40 times on each hand just like this.

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1-9- Mason Twist Exercise for better abs

Final Remarks on P90x Ab Ripper x List

Ab Ripper X ab workouts are very intense. There’s no question about it but the benefits of this ab routine are worth all the pain and suffering you’ll go through.

Better Spine, Stronger back core muscles mean better support for your spine, so that when you’re pushing yourself to the limit in ab rippers x workout program, a strong core helps with stability throughout your lower and upper body.

You can also check the p90x calendar for other p90x programs like p90x yoga and p90x plyometrics.