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Is p90x harder than p90x3?

Is p90x harder than p90x3

P90x and P90x3 are very different, but that doesn’t mean one is harder than the other. Both workouts use resistance training to improve your muscles and increase your flexibility and agility. However, “p90X3” takes a gentler approach by using high repetitions, lightweights, short rests between sets, slow movements, and slower speeds. This workout is more aerobic than p90x which works out at a faster pace. P90X3 is also shorter at just 30 minutes per workout.

What are p90x and p90x3 workouts?

P90X is a group of 12 different workout tapes that you typically perform over 90 days or within 3 months. The workouts are resistance training routines that require dumbbells, a chin-up bar, and a yoga mat. P90X3 is an updated version of P90X that focuses on High-Intensity Interval Training. X3 requires just 3 days per week instead of 6 with shorter workouts lasting about 30 minutes each.

Why do people choose p90x or p90x3?

People prefer one of these workouts over the other depending on their fitness goals. P90X is more strength-based and requires more exertion, which means you’ll burn calories at a faster rate than the cardio segments in the p90x3 workout. If muscle bulk or fat loss is your primary concern, choose p90X.

If you want to increase your speed and agility for running, sports, or other activities, p90X3 is a better choice. Because of the repetitions and lighter weights, this workout will also build your muscle endurance and increase your heart rate for a longer period—the perfect preparation for strenuous physical activity.

is P90X Workouts Last Longer Than P90X3?

Yes, p90x lasts longer compared to p90x3. P90x workouts are 60 minutes long while p90x3 are only 30 minutes long. Tony Horton cut downtime of warm-ups, cooldowns, and breaks in p90x3.

How Is P90X3 Different From p90x?

This workout is aimed at beginners and those who may have had some trouble with other workouts in the past. The idea behind p90x3 is to provide people with the ability to get strong without putting too much strain on their bodies.

The exercises are also less aggressive, which will allow you to do more repetitions per set. This way, your muscles are exposed to a gentle workout but are still challenged by it.

Does P90X3 Has More Variety Than P90X?

The p90x3 workout is all about variety. It encourages you to try new exercises and even switch up your normal routine to keep things interesting. This way, you’ll be able to give each muscle group more constant attention rather than having one or two muscles take a backseat during your workouts.

does P90X Has More Coaching Than P90X3?

While a lot of people love p90x, a few have found the coaching to be a bit too much for their preference. That’s why with p90X3, Tony Horton decided to focus more on his training and less on the students in the videos.

This may feel like you’re left with just a lot of information that you won’t be able to apply, but Tony’s focus on form and technique will help you get the most out of your body. This way, you won’t experience wear and tear or muscle breakdown due to improper movements.

does P90X Build More Strength p90x3?

Yes, p90x builds significantly more strength than p90x3. The goal of P90X3 is to give you a gentle workout that will not strain your muscles. It’s for this reason that they use high repetitions and light weights. However, even if you’re using very light weights (or resistance bands), you will still be working your muscles to the limit.

You may not see results as quickly, but if you stick with it, your muscle mass will increase and you’ll notice that you’re able to do more of these exercises with less strain on your body.


Both workouts are very good for beginners but p90x3 takes a gentler approach compared to p90x. I recommend p90x3 is more suitable for beginners. P90x3 uses a lot of higher repetitions and slower movements to give you enough time to relax between sets and concentrate on your form.

It gives special attention to the role posture plays in strength training as well as gives you tips on how not to overwork your muscles. All of these points are very helpful for beginners because it gives them a crash course in proper form and let them ease into resistance training.

Is p90x or p90x3 more intense?

P90x is more intense compared to p90x3. Duration of workout is more in p90x and workouts are more intense. If you like a challenge and want to build quick muscles, p90x is recommended. P90x3 workouts are slow-paced and too much repetition is involved compared to p90x workouts. That is the reason p90x is recommended as the most Intense workout on the Market.


Yes. They are the same workouts. p90x3 is just an updated version of p90x, so if you liked it before, you will definitely like this one too. However, some people do prefer p90x to p90x3 but that’s because some don’t enjoy the slower pace of p90x3. So it mostly depends on your preferences.

Is p90x or p90x3 more effective?

In terms of effectiveness, both have the same results when done properly. The difference between p90X and P90X3 is that you will be able to do a lot more reps in p90X since the exercises are targeted to more specific muscles (compared to p90X3, which is more general).

For example, if you’re building your chest, in p90X Tony will tell you exactly where in the muscle you’re working and what angles to work them at. However, in P90X3 he just tells you that you should be working on your chest muscles.

does p90x3 have more variety than p90X?

Yes, the P90X3 workout is all about variation to keep you interested and let you target different muscles without neglecting any one of them. The goal of P90X3 is to provide a gentle way of working out that will not put a great deal of strain on your muscles. However, even with the gentler approach, you’ll still be working your muscles to the limit.

Should I do P90X before P90X3?

No. You can start with either workout, but it is recommended that beginners start with p90X3 because you will be working many more muscles in p90X than in p90x3. This way you won’t risk injuring yourself by the time you get to P90X3. If this is your first time working out though, try some cardio first to get your body used to the movements.


So, which one should you choose? Well, that depends on your fitness level and what you are looking for. P90X3 has a lot of variety in its workouts so it would be perfect if you wanted to mix up your routine every week or so. But, because the exercises are shorter than usual p90x workouts they can become repetitive quickly.

This might not seem like an issue at first but when done over many weeks without switching things up with other exercise programs this could lead to burnout and boredom which is never good for motivation. If however, you’re just starting in the world of working out then P90X3 may be a better option as it will have less intense workout sessions per day meaning that it.