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is p90x good for beginners? Read this before giving it a shot!

is p90x good for beginners

P90x, the infomercial fitness program invented by Tony Horton is both good and not so good. It can be very challenging for beginners looking to get started with an at-home workout routine that delivers results.

Most of the time when I look into P90 Video reviews all I see are people complaining about how difficult it is, but if you know what you’re getting into and you’ve taken the time to do a little planning, then you’ll actually find that the program will work for your needs.

P90x Phases and Level of Difficulty

To better understand P90 Video’s strengths and weaknesses let me give you some background on what exactly P90 goes through. The first phase of the program is all about building up your fitness level and getting your body in pretty good shape.

The workouts themselves are well designed and the nonstop movement coupled with the very high intensity makes it possible to lose a lot of fat and see some pretty significant results within just a few weeks.

The second phase, however, is not so much. This is when P90x starts introducing more equipment into the mix, and fortunately, it’s possible to get by using very basic equipment. But if you don’t have resistance bands or a pullup bar, for example, this could be a deal-breaker.

Why P90x is not a good Workout for Beginners

If you are looking at getting started with P90 Video then I would highly advise that you make sure you have access to all the necessary equipment before you start.

Another thing to watch out for in P90x is the food plan. If you are not ready to make some serious diet changes, then this program will be very difficult, maybe even impossible for you to stick with. The food plan requires that you eat pretty clean most of the time and it’s really hard to stick with unless you have a very strong mindset and a lot of willpower.

So while P90 Video is very good for beginners, it does have some drawbacks that need to be considered before you actually get started with it.

If you’re not yet ready to take on the level of commitment needed for this program then I’d suggest that you start out with something much simpler. If you are ready, then I’d say go for it, but just know that P90x can be difficult.

Why P90x can be good Workout for Beginners?

Let’s check out the reasons that make p90x good for beginners!

Great Combination of Workouts

P90 is a system of training that includes resistance, cardio, and yoga. This means that the user gets to enjoy all forms of workouts rather than engaging in one particular form. It increases muscle mass thereby increasing stamina in the body. It also aids in burning off calories, thus reducing weight.

Muscle Confusion Utilized to its Full Potential

It targets each muscle in the body with workout routines designed around the concept of “muscle confusion”. This means that the user is not bored with a particular exercise after a few weeks as it varies from one workout to another.

It improves Cardiovascular Endurance

It improves cardiovascular endurance. P90 targets cardio exercises at every stage thus guaranteeing results within a short time period. For instance, in phase 3 of this program, the user is required to exercise for about an hour. Read more in P90x Benefits.

Why P90x is not a good Workout for Beginners?

Let’s check out the reasons that make p90x not good for beginners!

Workout can be painful

The exercises are very painful. This is because they target each muscle in the body with full force. Initially, the muscles get used to these exercises but later on they start feeling pain. The process gets even harder when users train for about an hour daily.

Difficult in Consistency for Beginners

It is difficult to stick with P90x if you do not have any form of support. For instance, if you live alone and your neighbor does not know about the challenge, it will be hard for you to stick with it due to a lack of motivation.

You need to go all in!

P90 is a full package program which means that once you invest in it, there is no going back. This may lead to a total commitment by users thus leading to them quitting the challenge after failing to see results within a short time period.

Absence of Workout Videos for Each Phase

The absence of workout videos for each phase makes it very hard for users who want to watch as they train. This means that such users may tend to give up since they cannot follow along if there is no one to help guide them or if they do not have access to the videos.

Its not everyone

P90x is a challenging program and not every individual is prepared to take on this task. If you feel that you are not yet ready for it, then there are other alternatives that will suit your needs such as p90 or TurboFire among others. Depending on what you want, these programs will give you the results that you need.

Will I get bulky

Is p90x dangerous?

Working out can be dangerous if you do not use the proper form or listen to your body. P90X is a challenging workout system that requires more preparation than some beginners can handle.

Those who are new to resistance training might find it difficult to properly perform the workouts and risk injuring themselves during an exercise session.


P90X is not for everyone. It’s one of the most challenging workout systems because it requires three days each week. The meals are strict, focus on healthy ingredients, and include several servings of vegetables per day.

There are also multiple stretches during the workouts, which can be difficult to complete if you’re not used to yoga. The good news is that P90X is a complete system that can be used to build muscle and lose weight, making it effective for those who want results fast.