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does p90x plyometrics increase vertical jump?

does p90x plyometrics increase vertical jump

There is some debate over whether or not p90x plyometrics can help you increase your vertical jump. Some people swear by the program and claim that it has helped them jump higher, while others say that it doesn’t do anything to help improve your leaping ability.

So, what’s the truth? Can you really get better at jumping up and grabbing objects off of high surfaces simply by following p90x plyometrics?

The answer is yes. You can very much increase your vertical jump through p90x plyometrics, but you have to be aware that it takes a bit of time and effort on your part. Just like with any other exercise, you’re not going to see an improvement in your vertical jump if you don’t work it.

There are many different reasons why p90x plyometrics can help you to increase your vertical jump. Let’s take a closer look at the aspects of this program that will accentuate your leaping ability.

Intro to Plyometrics

Plyometrics is designed to increase explosiveness in the muscles. Plyometric exercises are concerned with starting a movement with an eccentric contraction which is immediately followed by a rapid forceful concentric contraction, much like when you jump up after being crouched down.

The plyometric aspect of p90x plyometrics will focus on teaching your muscle-fibers to fire faster, which will result in you being able to react more quickly when it comes time for you to jump up.

Why plyometrics assist in increasing Verticle Jump?

Here are the reasons we think P90x plyometrics is designed to increase verticle jump;

Muscles are primed for explosive movement

P90x plyometrics is designed to teach your muscles how to react quickly. A lot of the exercises that are present in this workout program involve utilizing jump techniques, which will activate different muscle fibers. This is part of what helps you to increase explosiveness.

Eccentric contractions before concentric movement

A lot of the exercises in p90x plyometrics focus on the eccentric contraction (the pre-jump) and then exploding off of this position to jump up.

This is what makes p90x plyometrics helpful for increasing your vertical jump; it contains exercises that help you to generate more power than normal, so when you’re leaping up you can reach greater heights.

P90x Plyometrics teach muscle fibers to move faster

Your muscles are essentially taught to move faster through p90x plyometrics. When your muscles react quickly, you’re able to jump higher. You can accomplish this by focusing on the movements that require quick, explosive reactions during the exercise sequences in the program.

Muscles fire more quickly due to training

Plyometric exercises cause the muscles to fire more quickly. This is due to the fact that plyometric exercises are designed to produce explosive muscle contractions. When you perform plyometric exercises on a consistent basis, your muscles will learn how to fire more quickly. This is beneficial for increasing your vertical jump because it means that you’ll be able to reach greater heights.

Jump higher through neuromuscular training

P90x plyometrics work because the program increases your understanding of how to jump higher. Plyometric exercises help you to learn how to generate more power, which will translate into you being able to leap up high when it counts (like in basketball). Basically, p90x plyometrics helps your strength and ability in the gym transfer into different aspects of your athletic performance.

Jump higher through circuit training

P90x plyometrics is beneficial because it contains a plyometric workout that will help you to increase explosiveness when you’re jumping up. This program also works because it combines cardio with weight lifting, which will help to increase the power you generate when you jump. This combination will ultimately help you to jump higher than if you were just doing plyometric exercises on their own.

Jump higher through better form

P90x plyometrics can help you to jump higher because of the combination of exercises that are present in the program. This workout routine is designed to teach you how to jump with better form, which will result in your leaping ability increasing. If you’re able to jump with good technique, then you’re going to be able to jump higher than you would be able to if your technique was mediocre.

Jump higher through increased muscular strength

P90x plyometrics can help you increase explosiveness, which will equate into an improved vertical jump over time. Plyometric exercises strengthen the muscles in a way that helps them fire more quickly, and this is what can help you jump higher. When these muscles are stronger, they’re better able to generate the power you need to jump high.

How to Use P90x Plyometrics?

There are many different ways that you can go about using p90x plyometrics in order to increase your vertical jump. The first thing that you should know is that the exercises that are present in this workout program aren’t designed to generate power; they’re designed to teach your muscles how to react quickly.

You will be able to jump higher when you combine p90x plyometrics with pure strength training and weight lifting. This is because the explosiveness that you learn through plyometric exercises is combined with a specific type of strength training in order to create a vertical jumping program that’s tailored towards increasing your power.


Plyometric exercises are beneficial for improving your vertical jump because they help to activate different muscle fibers, teach your muscles to move faster, and cause your muscles to fire more quickly.

Additionally, p90x plyometrics helps you to jump higher through circuit training, increased muscular strength, and better form.

So, if you’re looking for a workout program that will help you to jump higher, then p90x plyometrics is one of the best options out there.