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can p90x make you bigger? Honest Truth!!!

can p90x make you bigger

If you’re looking to gain muscle, Beachbody’s P90X workout system may not be for you. While it does have a weightlifting component that can help with strength and endurance, the program focuses primarily on cardio-based exercises which are meant to expedite fat loss.

If you’re already training in a gym setting with a periodized resistance training program and you’re looking to add size, P90X is not likely to be the best use of your time.

Why P90x can not make you bigger?

Here are the reasons “why we think p90x can not make you big enough”:

P90x is not designed to gain Muscle Mass

The workout program was not designed to help you gain muscle mass. The reps are too high, the sets are too low and there is simply not enough weight being used for this type of training. Many people see an initial increase in their strength when they begin P90X due to what’s called Newbie gains which has nothing to do with actually gaining muscle.

Time period is too short for Building Body Mass

The program lasts for 12 weeks which is not enough time to see significant changes in muscle mass. Building muscle takes time and it’s a process that can be sped up with the use of weights, supplements, and a caloric surplus.

P90x focuses on Calories Burned not Muscle Growth

The primary focus of the P90X workout system is to help you burn as many calories as possible and this is what they mean by the term “muscle confusion”. If you go into any gym across the country and ask a bodybuilder or powerlifter how to improve your gains, none of them would ever suggest P90X as an option.

Building muscle mass requires rest and recovery

P90X is designed to be done 6 days per week which simply isn’t long enough to allow the body to repair itself. Most of the muscles in your body are actually broken down during sleep so if you’re training hard for 4-5 hours a day but not allowing yourself time to rest and recover, you won’t see any significant progress.

P90x is great for Fat Loss, not Muscle Mass

The program is excellent for fat loss due to the high number of repetitions and the cardio component. If you are looking to put on size, you will need to lift heavier weights and use fewer reps.

In order to gain muscle mass, you need to lift heavy weights and lower the reps. P90x simply does not do this and has a stationary bike as one of its main components. Check out the article on P90x and Cardio.

P90X is great for people who are new to working out

If you’re just getting started with an exercise program, P90X will be a good starting point for you. The workouts are fun, the music is motivating and the results will be there (fat loss). The problem comes when you want to keep progressing. Beachbody does not offer any type of variation for their workout programs. This means that once your body becomes accustomed to a certain level in P90X, you’ve peaked in your progress with that program.

Will p90x get me in shape?

P90X will help you get in shape after following the 12-week program. If it’s your first time trying out P90X, then expect to be panting and huffing for air. It takes a bit of getting used to before you can handle all of the workouts that come with P90X.

You won’t have much energy during the first two weeks, but your body will get used to it. During week three you’ll be starting to feel a difference in your body and by week 4 you’ll be looking forward to doing P90X every day. Check out the article on P90x for six-pack.


In conclusion, P90X is not the right program for those looking to add size and muscle mass. If you’re already training in a gym setting with a periodized resistance training program, P90X is likely not going to be the best use of your time. There are better options out there that will help you see results in a shorter period of time.