What Is The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

When you are looking to research marijuana and hemp legalization, it is important to know a little bit about the plants. This is critical because so many states are putting laws on the books and measures on the ballot — so the more you know about these substances, the better. A lot has been written about the use and benefits of both hemp and marijuana. In order to gain a better understanding of both, you’ll need to understand the differences and also get a clear idea of the positive aspects of these plants. Read on to learn more information.

Difference between Hemp and Marijuana

When looking into gaining an understanding of hemp and marijuana, let’s first tackle the basic difference between the two. They are both portions of the cannabis plant. Marijuana, the flower part of the cannabis plant that is often smoked or otherwise used for recreation and medical consumption. Hemp, on the other hand, is also part of the cannabis plant but is the tough, fibrous stalk that is used for industrial use, fuel, and other benefits.

With this in mind, consider these differences that also set these plants apart:

#1: Hemp Contains very low THC

Perhaps the most notable difference between hemp and marijuana is that marijuana has very high THC content, while hemp has very low THC content. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes people to get high. Since hemp is low in THC content, people and researchers are continuously looking for other uses for it and it can be a bonus medicinally for people who want the benefits of the cannabis plant without the feeling of being high.

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#2: Marijuana plants are typically female, while hemp plants are male

In most situations, marijuana plants are female, while hemp plants are male. These differences in genetic makeup allow scientists to do different things with both plants. The reason that farmers and growers typically look to cultivate female marijuana plants that they begin flowering earlier in their cycle which is beneficial in cultivating and producing it. Since hemp cultivation does not revolve around flowers, these are typically grown to yield male plants. There are a number of differences in the group process that come into play when dealing with both types of plants.

#3:  Hemp is Accepted On A Larger Scale Than Marijuana

Hemp is very useful in a number of industries, including energy, medicine, and plastic. Large demand has allowed manufacturers to produce high-quality materials for cheap, which has revolutionized a number of industries. Since hemp does not have the psychoactive properties of marijuana legislative bodies are far less hesitant to have it remain legal, because they do not fear the substance being abused.

Now that you know a little bit about these plants, you have a good idea of their differences. When it comes to the legal ramifications of cannabis, this sort of information will come in handy. It will allow you to make an informed decision on the cannabis plant itself, while continuously researching the arguments made on both sides. You will be able to then figure out what is best from your point of view and can handle each issue on a case-by-case basis. So take in these differences between hemp and marijuana, along with their benefits, in order to continuously learn more.