Chefs Choice Model 312 Diamond Home Sharpener Review – Best for Kitchen Use

Have you been tired of your aged, dull cutting knife? Does your tomato get squeezed while cutting it? Now, you don’t need to worry. Here is a marvelous product that you always needed – “Chefs Choice Model 312 Diamond Home Sharpener Review”.

What’s so special about Chef Choice 312 sharpener?


The Chef’s Choice knife sharpener sharpens just about any kind of knife with professional quality, from premium knives to camping knives–even the tips associated with serrated knives could be enhanced with this particular machine (to get a complete sharpening of serrated kitchen knives, however, Chef’s Choice suggests models 120 and 320).

Sturdy and safe to use

Product dimensions are 10.5 x 6.4 x 6.1 inches and weight is 5 pounds. It might appear like a conundrum, but sharpened knives are definitely the safest. Having a clean edge, the knife is far more predictable as well as easier to manage.

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Great features of Chef Choice 312 Sharpener Review

With regard to top-quality edges, you will find 2 sharpening levels, involving 100% diamond abrasives, along with a final perfecting phase. Each stage utilizes precision position guides to produce a distinctive “Trizor-Plus” side for highest sharpness and sturdiness, although a magnetic pad accumulates residue therefore the device is easy to thoroughly clean and preserve.

Personal Experience…

You’ll definitely ADORE this sharpener! I had been nervous to buy it simply because I had experimented with a number of hand-helds (non-electric) sharpeners which didn’t function. I did not obtain the hang from the long sharpening device that is available in knife sets. I can at this point slice a tomato having a standard cutting knife. One does need to go through and adhere to the instructions very carefully.

Pros of Chef Choice 312 sharpener

You can do all your cutting work with both sides of your knife. You can sharpen shorter blades easily, as well. Once you do the preliminary sharpening and obtain the position right you may later accept the knives returning to razor-sharp just by utilizing the second wheel. After analyzing the cost-benefit ratios, you will definitely find it more useful and beneficial than the older Chefs Choice 310 model.

Furthermore, it is beneficial with regard to honing the leading edge tips of serrated kitchen knives, something the 310 couldn’t do. Simply, a couple of turns on both sides of the cutting knife are needed to make it extremely sharp, a lot better than any manual knife sharpener.

What you need to keep in mind…

When I used it it was a bit difficult but as I read the manual it became a lot easier for me. So I would suggest you first read the manual and then start using it otherwise it can be a problem using it. It slashes fast, therefore it is important to count up even the “left side/right side” moves over the cutter and also the hone slots, since the directions stress. Or else, you’ll begin cutting sideways.

While a pointy knife is definitely a safe knife, it’s a wise decision to use care with your recently sharpened knives, because they’ll be sharper than you presume. You must keep yourself healthy and must follow the best fat loss diets.

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Who Would Buy This

It’s a good product for you if you do your own food preparation and needs to slice a lot. If you’ve bought a top-of-the-line cutting knife, sustaining the caliber of the blade guarantees optimum value out of your investment.

If you are unable to find this knife and looking for a replacement, we recommend you read an article on Chefs Choice Model 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Review. This knife sharpener is also recommended by us due to its low price and better sharpening ability.

The Bottom Line – Chef Choice 312 sharpener Review

Most of us sit near our drawers, looking at all the dull knives we’ve got, watching as tomatoes (along with the other food-items) slice as they are being cut. The product will be the solution to old and even new kitchen knives. Though it’s less expensive than other options available in the market, it does its job amazingly. Strongly recommended!

Chefs Choice Model 312