CBD Treatment for Anxiety – A Light on the Horizon?

Anxiety is no joke…It is a very real and potentially devastating condition that affects millions worldwide. Typically lumped with depression, as in “depression and anxiety can be caused by” or “may lead to feelings of depression and anxiety,” it tends to get a bit lost in the proverbial shuffle. On its own though, anxiety is a formidable opponent, one against which most people feel helpless.

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Possible Treatment for Anxiety

So what can be done to treat anxiety…How do we find a way to cope? Traditionally, the go-to remedy has involved words like Prozac, Zoloft, and Xanax. While effective perhaps, the side effects tend to, in some ways, outnumber the benefits – these ranging from lethargy and a downright zombie-like state to gastrointestinal ailments and even impotence. This is where the far more natural and therapeutic benefits of CBD are actually emerging as a groundbreaking factor in CBD treatment for anxiety.

CBD Treatment for Anxiety

Let’s break it down in terms of what CBD actually does within your body. Cannabinoid receptors exist within those areas of the brain that are thought to control things like your mood, your stress level, and your overall anxiety. So for instance, if your day starts out great but then progressively flatlines, your mood will most likely follow suit, meaning the sunshine and happiness of the morning eventually becomes the get the f*&## out of my way of the late afternoon; you can in part, thank your endocannabinoid system for this shift.

Effect of CBD on your body

Of course, it’s a bit more technical than that, but what you need to know is that CBD effectively interacts with these mood-altering receptors, particularly with one called the 5HT1-A—a serotonin receptor. We’ve all heard of serotonin: the all-natural way to get back on that happiness bandwagon.

CBD treatment for anxiety – Interaction with 5HT1-A Receptors

It’s been reported that when the CBD reacts with the 5HT1-A receptor, anti-anxiety magic happens. And unlike what you get with the pharmaceutical companies’ treasure trove of antidepressants, the CBD is targeting anxiety without the extensive litany of side effects.


Should you then try a CBD-based product if you tend to suffer from anxiety… you should read these CBD for anxiety reviews. However, with the increasingly promising evidence that cannabidiol does in fact help with mood stabilization and anxiety control, and consequently, with CBD based products becoming more readily available, it certainly may not be a bad idea to explore how CBD can help you more effectively manage your anxiety and thus regain control of your life.